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I thought speeding fines here were excessive...

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  • I thought speeding fines here were excessive...

    :shock: Damn...
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    Damn that is hefty, but i agree with that sort of law. Well we are poor and can't aford hefty fines but if some rich guy gets a fine, it won't bother him, but if the fine was according to your income then he(the rich guy) would think twice.

    My 2c worth



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      thats about 105,000 AUD .. at yesterdays spot ..
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        Yeah, might stop cops just giving out fine after fine for minor shit as it'd take a lot more time to determine amounts etc.

        Good idea but I bet we never see it introduced.
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          See you get the idea. You pretty much spot on there. That means the little minor stuff we do wouldn't matter. The coppers would be out there getting em rich people(no offence to the rich brothers but you guys can afford it) and leaving us low income earners alone.
          my 2c worth.


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            But thats just it masda, if it were done on income it would hit everyone the same whether a low or high income earner you going to notice 20% of your pay for that week going towards a fine.

            it tries to make it so that everyone feels the pinch, so really they couldnt afford it any more than you could.


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              well if i got a $200 fine it would hurt, but if someone got a 2000 or even a 5000 fine. well that would hurt.
              I understand what you mean, don't get me wrong. But the fact is i think the coppers would be targetting the bigger and better brand cars like mercs and beamers and comodores and not the small barina and fiesta cars around.
              In any case the law will never come to pass here.