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  • Bizzarest Spam Email

    I've had the same email address now for 3 years and I think I've made it to quite a few spam email lists (as well as those mass * ones)

    If I was to reply to all of them I'd be this slim guy who attracts a lot of women in my area, while consolidating my debt and watching hot teens on webcams. If I was also suffering from hair-loss that could be solved too, along with any errection problems.

    My spam detection runs pretty thoroughly these days and most of the garbage gets filtered out, but every so often I like to check to see what goodies I've missed.

    Then I cam across this email.

    What the fuck?

    i found this hot piece of ass @ A noisy red exam book snores and perhaps her daughters smart sport shoes run.
    Any given small purple mouse is thinking.
    Their white cat makes sound or maybe a bluish ipaq arrives.
    Any white red glasses spit.
    His brothers silver round-shaped bed arrives.
    Whose white baby calculates.
    His brothers beautiful carpet run.
    Her daughters soft bed stinks.
    A given stupid small well-crafted car prepare for fight.
    A given smart fancy green little table fidgeting.
    Our hairy spoon calculates.
    Mine expensive dog got an idea while his brothers small eraser stares while any given white paper calms-down.
    Mine red round white slopy little pensil is angry and a stupid forg looks around.
    A red magazine calculates.
    Whose silver sofa snores however, her daughters white wine got an idea.
    Her fancy odd shaped magazine prepare for fight.
    His red baby got an idea.
    Their little door got an idea at the place that her daughters fancy boat run or the soft house is thinking and his white round-shaped ram snores the time that a given smart eraser walks.

    I clicked on the link cause i wanted to know if it was some LSD adled satre come foucultian nude poetry site. Alas, just another MILF site, and NWS if you're at work.

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    what the???

    whats that saying?
    Gankaz DaOgre



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      Maybe the text was originally German that got 'translated' via babelfish or something, to French, then converted to Spanish, then English, then Russian, Scandinavian and back to English.. that will throw the text a bit..

      Who knows! Maybe there's a hidden message in there that upon reading it for 6 hours straight you decipher a code that grants you a million bucks?
      mmmmm sacrilicious