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Ai my computers running a bit slow today

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  • Ai my computers running a bit slow today

    you can just picture the blonde recptionist asking the teckie to work out why the computer is running a bit slow.

    "but ive only sent something to print, ever since then its been a bit slow, and it hasnt even printed yet!"


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    Hahaha........far out!

    Ummm......MUST be blonde :roll:
    ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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      I got that kinda stuff where I used to work. The woman who printed stuff was at an external site (with a 64k link to the head office) to the Citrix server we used and the printer was linked into the server, not a PC.

      So whenever she printed anything, it would send the data from the Citrix server in perth down the 64k line to the printer as raw feed. A couple of hundred kb pdf file suddenly takes 50mb of raw feed on the 64k line. Since everyone in the office shared the one line, whenver she printed something, I just made coffee and spent the arvo playing solitaire