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    A fellow goes into the shower exactly when his wife comes out of the tub.
    The bell rings instantly. After a short family quarrel about who goes to
    answer the door, the woman gives up, she covers her body with a towel, goes downstairs and opens the front door. There was Bob, their neighbour. She could not put in a word, because Bob interrupted her:

    I'll give you $800 now, if you drop the towel that is covering you.
    A little bit surprised, the woman hesitates for a moment, she loosens the
    towel and remains stark-naked in front of him.
    He measures her from head to toe and he holds out eight - $100 bills. Amazed about this story, but happy about her little fortune that she had made in less than 2 minutes, the woman goes upstairs and enters the bathroom again.
    Her husband, who was still in the shower, asks her:
    Who was it?
    It was Bob, our neighbour.
    Ah, perfect! Has he given you the $800 he owed me?