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    So this blokes at a bar and the barman tells him bars closing in 10. Yep righto he repiles. 10 minutes later "Righto bar's closed, you'll have to get out". Yep no worries he says and gets off his stool. He takes two steps and bam! Hits the ground. Jesus! he says as he picks himself up off the ground. 3 steps this time and smack he's back on the ground. Bugger this he reckons and starts crawling to the door. Gets to the door, lifts himself up and walks out only to collapse down the stairs. Bloody hell he says as he picks himself up... he crawls out of the pub and says to himself he'll give it one more go. BAM straight on his face again. Bugger this he says and crawls the way home...

    Anyway he finally gets to his house, gets the the gate and crawls up to the door. Makes it into the house and tries to walk not to make much noise but he falls on his face again, so decides to crawl. So he crawls up the stairs and gets into the bedroom and sneaks up all Cougar style into bed.

    Next day he wakes up and his missus comes screaming in! YOU BARSTARD! YOU'VE BEEN DOWN THE PUB AGAIN DRINKING HAVEN'T YA!? Quite startled the old bloke answers a sly "Noooooo?". YES YOU HAVE THEY FOUND YA WHEELCHAIR AT THE PUB!
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    what the fuck?

    seriously you shouldnt have put the damn punchline in the post title.


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      Lol sorrrrry... :p

      Damnit can't change it. Haha i'm such a tool.