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I'm dreaming of.. a Bogun xmas!

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  • I'm dreaming of.. a Bogun xmas!

    Real Men Ride Nakid

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    that is so well done


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      Bogans can have class too Billy. This one takes a bit longer though.

      To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid.

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      Sorry, no matter how much you try, you can not ignore yourself.


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        Originally posted by Hired_goon View Post
        Bogans can have class too Billy. This one takes a bit longer though.
        Saw that the other day much respect.


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          Indeed, well impressed!


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            Originally posted by Billywhizz View Post
            how well will that burn?

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              Is that the wasm campus?
              “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa


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                Keeping with the theme of things...

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                  we used to have a bogan xmas tree a few years ago that we decorated with spirit minatures & empty beer cans - ahh the joys of first moving out of home


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                    when i was young and poor just moved out and had a pedastal fan all decorated up tjhose were the days

                    sorry no pics but too ashamed of the way things were during the great depression
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