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  • Our lovely city.

    Perth - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
    In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that seperate us. Dont let your eyes deceive you.
    Its the little things that make the difference
    Originally posted by IPIT on relationships
    If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.

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    The sad thing is, most of what it says is true.
    In the cherry blossom's shade
    There's no such thing
    as a stranger.


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      Perth is inhabited by a bizzare species of human. The males may be called "imnot homo- butiam-erectus" and the females are simply called hoes. perhaps the most interesting aspect of these creatures is there bizzare mating rituals. Many become sexually mature at age 14, at which they make their traditional journey as their forefathers did to one of many locations- Lancelin, margeret river, pinkeys beach, or lukes dad's place. when they reach their destination they will consume various mind altering substances, find the nearest soft spot on the ground and do what is referred to as "fuck" their mate. This beautiful time of the humans life will often be followed with either the words "FUCK THE CONDOM FUCKING BROKE", "DID I MENTION I HAVE AIDS?", "WELL THAT WAS SHIT" or finding another mate and fucking the life out of them too.


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        There's a reference about PSB and its loving relationship with the safety council, and the evil motorcyclists in general.


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          ^^^ You fail at the internet.

          Motorcyclists in Perth are considered a suicide risk, as anybody who would try to ride a motorcycle through Perth traffic must have a death-wish. The police, however, have come up with a new evil machine to combat this - the MULTANOVA, which is now set to take your happy snap at 2kph over the limit (NB - no speedometer on earth is that accurate, not even in those in Porsches, so enjoy your fines). Sitting behind trees, it takes photos of innocent drivers who are goink 10 ks below the limit, but they've all been tweaked by those cops who want all that money. Bet they spend it on donuts. Perth Street Bike riders are considered a great scapegoat by both the media, government and certain chairpersons of Safety Councils. Obviously it is a lot easier to have new laws introduced if the public can be convinced it will target the heinous motorcycle riders. Typical of Perth drivers though is that they fail to realise that these law changes will soon be catching them in far greater quanities than they ever would catch motorcyclists.


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            "Many Gosnells citizens are stupid, and or sluts, especially shannon." Well somebody didn't like her.

            "NOTE: This is because motorcyclists are pure evil, and are often to be found breaking all laws, so you have to stay away from them or run them down if you are brave enough."

            "Rockingham is WA's premier Bogan breeding ground located 1 hours south of Perf." Geez...I grew up in the wrong area

            A good read, which bags out on everyone and everything. Pity it's about Perth.
            RIP Cade...07/10/1982 - 23/04/2006


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              Daylight Savings has recently been a huge issue in Perth, highlighting just how little occurs in this city. Over the years, three referendums were held, asking people if they wanted to introduce daylight savings. At all three, the people voted 'no' out of fear that the Sun God would punish them for trying to tell him what to do. Hey, we all saw what happened to Oedipus when he tried to defy the Gods.