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A team of archaeologists was digging in Israel...

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  • A team of archaeologists was digging in Israel...

    A team of archaeologists was digging in Israel when they found an old, worn out rock. On the rock there were these drawings, in this order: A woman, a donkey, a shovel, a fish, and a cross. The team was fascinated and was sure they had found remenents of an unknown civilization. For months they researched and tried to make sense of the drawings, and finally held a huge conference to tell what they had come up with. The team leader stood up and said, "Look here, the first picture is a woman. We have determined that this means women were the dominant sex in this civilization. The second symbol is a donkey. We think this means they had domesticated animals. The thrid drawing is a shovel, showing they were intelligent and used tools. Fourth there is a fish, which tells us they had learned to reap from the sea as well as the land. Finally there is a cross, which shows they were religious people. Any Questions?" A Jew stands up in the back and says, "You said you found this in Israel. With all due respect, sir, we read things from right to left in Hebrew. Those pictures say, "Holy Mackeral, Dig the Ass on that Woman!".
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