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cat playing fetch

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  • cat playing fetch

    thought fellow psbers might find this ammusing. this is my cat playing fetch. i didnt teach him any off this-he just does it. he has moved onto bigger things now and has to drag them around but still manages

    [ame=]YouTube - cat playing fetch[/ame]
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    Thats awsome! My dog doesnt play fetch.
    Can you help with foster care?


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      thats awesome!
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        WOW your cat is awesome, maybe it can get an acting gig?

        What variety is he???


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          That's weird, but cool!!


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            I had a burmese which used to do that... Now he just looks at me as if to say "why dont you go get it"
            If u teach him to fetch a beer i'll be really impressed...
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              he's nearly there, he grabs stubby holders.
              Injection is nice, but i'd rather be blown!


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                haha, good one!!!

                I had a cat that did that with bits of broccoli and paddle pop sticks
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                  dats orsum - smile to face stuff - i likke the realisations of job at hand at 1.50


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                    A mate of mine had a cat that used to play fetch like this.

                    I think you just need to play with them enough and they'll do it...

                    your cat is like his though - doesn't bring it *all* the way back like a dog will - the cat likes to make you do something in their "you are my servant" kind of way
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