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Microsoft 7 ad.

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  • Microsoft 7 ad.

    Found this on twitter.

    This is either Microsoft's worst ad ever, or most brilliant...


    Holy Steve Ballmer. This set of Launch Party videos are incredible for its nostalgia sake. No, they're not old videos; I just thought the whole advertising industry moved past fake setups like this back in the '90s.

    Give it a watch and see. My god. They're talking about having a party for Windows 7. And the cast? It looks like a guy, his mom, his sister, and his sister's rebellious college fling that turned into a long term relationship.

    But seriously. You know how you're watching something that's so surprising that you can't believe what you're seeing that you literally have nothing to add to the visuals? This is it. It's like if you took a man from the 1400s and showed him a plasma TV.
    [ame=]YouTube - HostingYourParty[/ame]

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    Thats 2min's of my life i wont get back


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      Originally posted by KaZy View Post
      Thats 2min's of my life i wont get back


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        I got to 0:26.
        I still want it back.


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          Couldnt sit through any more of that... but I assume the gist of it is:

          "Hi we are a multi-billion dollar company.
          Please be nerdy door-to-door sales reps for us in your own time for free.
          Its the cool thing to do. Trust us!
          Signed Microsoft."

          Thats even too nerdy for me, and I'm a computer systems engineer.


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            Its just so...fucking...lame ^_^


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              Its not an Advertisment
              Its a training video.
              I haven't watched them yet.

              And yes microsoft are using some of their Beta testers as free sales people....

              I signed up, and have agreed to have some friends over. In return I get some free stuff from Microsoft.
              Any excuse for a party. (spent many years being anti Microsoft)
              Being an Australian is not an excuse for being dumb and racist.


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                So Microsoft have actually gone down the tuperware path?

                .... great! Just when you think the sole-less beast cant get any worse...


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                  Tupperware, Enyo, Nutrimetics.
                  The only thing different (so they claim) is you don't sell anything. The incentive is given to host a party. You don't get incentives to sell more or less of their product.
                  But saves me the cost of buying the new Windows.

                  Because I would have bought it anyway, i'm $$$ better off
                  Being an Australian is not an excuse for being dumb and racist.


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                    Smells like a pyramid party


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                      Smells like FUD.


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                        I don't have a nearly as ethnically diverse group of friends to be able to hold a party.
                        This is general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs (your personal circumstances). Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase a product you should consider how appropriate it is in regard to your personal circumstances.


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                          To qualify to host you had to invite more than 9 people (They didn't say they had to turn up).
                          Four people that are coming are exclusively Mac... But a party is a party. In the past I was also Mac based.... I was a Mac user when system 7 and system 9 and OS X came out

                          That was before

                          The dark side :starwars:
                          Being an Australian is not an excuse for being dumb and racist.


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                            The black dude just ate everything.

                            He was definitely there for the food, what a sponge.


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                              They did get it right in advertising once,

                              [ame=]YouTube - The Office Values - Microsoft UK Training with David Brent 1[/ame]
                              Can you help with foster care?