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    So I am looking at getting a Led torch for work (av shit)
    I have done a little research and I am looking at the Led Lenser P7 has 200lumen takes aaa's ect.

    Wondering if anyone has used this or different brad to the same effect. Any feedback would be great.

    Cheers onrails

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    Yes have several of this brand that I use down south around the estate.

    Cheep to buy, take hard nocks, good battery life (and take standard batteries), adjustable beam, low and full power activation. I rate them pretty highly as far as value for money go. Come with a carry pouch as well.

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      If it's good enough for Lord Deejus...just buy it
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        Suggest the website I have about 5 torches, 4 of which are LED (the other being an obscene HID job. Bought a 240 lumen led from there for about $70. If you want available primary batteries then options are limited. Have a keyring size torch that takes a single lithium cell that punches 190 lumens, a 6 led torch that does 500 lumens, and the HID that pushes 3500 lumens. All run on lithiums.
        If you want a well-priced rugged torch with a variety of battery options, look up iTP on torchworld - go to 'candlepowerforums' for the true torch geeks
        PS. Have an LED Lenser (was what got me started), and is good torch, but there are some awesome regultated torches out there
        My keyring torch (size of a cr123 battery) Low power lasts 120 hours, full power will outshine a D-cell maglight
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          I use GEEPAS Mag Light style torches over the years. Pretty robust and you can get them in 1Watt or 3 Watt. Trust me that 1Watt is bright enough and with the rechrageable batteries will give you from 3 to 4 hours constant light.

          GEEPAS 1WATT TORCH Click image for larger version

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            We get the Fenix L2D's at work.
            Pretty much one of the brightest torches I've ever seen.

            Has adjustable beam strength, strobe and SOS (as if you ever need them)

            Takes 2 AA batteries, though chews through them pretty quickly on full light.

            Flashlight Reviews and LED Modifications

            flashlight reviews ^^


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              Got a Fenix TK12 R5 for under pillion seat for emergencies. Not a bad little light at all.
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                Fenix TK45 FTW
                much want
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                  Got the p7 lenser its great, though it will chew batteries, but for work i prefer their head torch. Also look on ebay, they're way cheaper than what the outdoor stores are charging.
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                    I have a Lenser P4, which is quite nice to use. It has screw beam adjustment, rather than sliding, which some of the other ones have.
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                      i've got a few Led Lensers, hocus focus, p5 and p14. if you're just doing AV stuff, i'd go for a slightly smaller one, fits in your mouth better... but as far as brand goes - they're great and modular so if you break something it's easily fixed. the sheath's are a bit crap, i bought a webbing one from a dude in garden city that had one of those isle stores. but markets have them too.
                      also that candlepower forum really is awesome for us lighting geeks. there's a lot of ways to piss money away on it....
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                        BCF have some good LEDs that are 12v rechargeable

                        Seem to be pretty good quality about $50
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                          Originally posted by onrails View Post
                          So I am looking at getting a Led torch for work (av shit)
                          I have done a little research and I am looking at the Led Lenser P7 has 200lumen takes aaa's ect.
                          This is the same torch that Deb and I use in our taxis. They're small enough to fit in the centre console but bright enough to show numbers on letterboxes at night.

                          I'd much prefer a torch that takes AA batteries instead of AAA because for AA there are much better choices for rechargeable batteries. The model above the P7 takes AA (I think) but it was too big to keep in the cars. Rechargeable batteries are good because you can discharge and recharge them whenever you want, thus ensuring that you have full charge and battery life when you use the torch.

                          I bought our two from Wellington Surplus in town in January last year. I checked on eBay and couldn't find cheaper. I think they were $105 each at Wellington and I paid $190 because I bought two together and haggled.

                          However, one of them died a few months later (battery contacts corroded) and I had to wait a bit over two weeks for a replacement. If I could do it again I would have bought from a large company (ie Big W, Dick Smith, etc) where I could have got a replacement over the counter instead of waiting for mine to be sent back to the distributor, analysed and replaced.

                          Wellington weren't particularly helpful with this - I kept asking who the distributor is so that I could send the torch there directly myself (ie speed up the process) but they wouldn't tell me (I found out later but was too late then).
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                            Can any of the mentioned torches be opened to mod the resistor?

                            i.e. going from 1.5V alkaline cells to 1.2V rechargeable will mean the LED isn't doing it's best work.

                            I've got a 3 x AAA Dorcey which is pretty good with fresh batteries. The more stable discharge voltage of rechargeables (and the money saving bit) make them appealing.
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                              Try these torches out they are called surefire they are very bright much brighter than a magnlite 3D and just fits in your pocket
                              Ive got this one