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    does anyone know how to reduce a photo file size and change it to jpeg from bitmap ?

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    Photoshop, etc just open it in the program, resize and save as jpg

    Microsoft Paint - you can save as a jpg, but it is a bit of friggin around to re-size with it.

    Email me if ya want and I'll do it straight away if you don't have any chopping programs, what size to you want it to finish up as?
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      Ok u can do this in microsoft Paint.

      Open your bitmap inside paint.
      Then go to "IMAGE" and "ATTRIBUTES" you can see what the pixel size is there. So take note of what it is now. (Lets say its 600 x 600").

      If you want it to be 300 x 300, you go to "IMAGE" and then "STRETCH/SKEW"
      Then in the STRETCH section change both horizontal and vertical to 50%
      Then double check by going back to "IMAGE" and "ATTRIBUTES" and see if its 300 x 300.
      If it isnt, rinse and repeat.

      Then click "FILE" and "SAVE AS..." ensure "JPG" is the file type selected at the bottom, enter a filename and click "SAVE".

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        Go MS-Paint, it's the tool!!!


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          legend thanks for that
          luck is where opportunity meets preparation


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            For a free and easy to use tool to resize (batch resize) and do simple image manipulation check out: it's far more powerful and easy to use then MS Paint


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