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    Anyone do code for websites?
    I normally can do it all, but I'm sooo stuck on this.
    Can someone fix the bug on my website??

    It's under Other Events from Custom Photography
    There is drop down box's u pull down the list select what u like and it opens, only in IE, not in firefox... Any help would be cool.


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    <META content="MSHTML 6.00.2900.2722" name=GENERATOR>

    What the goram is that - it&#39;s not microsoft word is it? MS makes some messy html. This is a bit kludgy, but it&#39;ll work (at least until you can get your mits on a real html editor or write it in raw code with notepad )

    Change the select attribute from this:


    to this:


    So the entire select tag might look like:

    <SELECT style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(images/form_bg.gif)" onchange="document.location=this.value" name=qn_select>

    Microsoft is a bit fast and loose with the whole javascript object model so that&#39;s why it&#39;s not working with a stricter browser (i.e. Firefox)

    Just do a search and replace on the onchange part for the whole document. Alternatively I&#39;ve uploaded a fixed version here. If you just click on that link it&#39;ll look funny because none of the pics or stylesheets are local relative to it, but the drop boxes work. Just save, rename and upload to your site, should sort you out


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      Of course it wasn&#39;t done in MS Word
      its a php page, with some good hidden code in it

      thanks your the man