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  • Hornet
    I have a pen cam package that is very simple. If u wanted I can show you when there is a meet or ride organised.
    The different bits should be available fairly easily from Dick Smith's or any other electical supplier.
    The (Sony) pen-camera runs off an 8-pack of AA batteries and it's cable plugs into my Sony handicam. Easy.

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  • Jono
    got a couple of suppliers that do cameras... for helmet, tank, fairing... all you need is a little camcorder....

    pm me for more info

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    Guest started a topic Helmet Camera

    Helmet Camera

    Need to use your brains to get this happening on my pushie

    My thoughts:
    Little dome security camera on helmet (cheap and very average quality so it doesn't matter if it breaks).
    Run cord into backpack where there is some sort of portable recording device.

    My issue is what to use to record... where do I go, what do I use
    Or am I plain dreaming?

    Thanks in advance