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  • notebook computer to buy

    i bought an NEC Versa M540 exactly one year ago. it is a total piece of crap.
    im glad i got the 3yr warranty.
    after 8 months the dvd drive died.
    after 10 months the hard drive died.
    i got it back from getting the hdd replaced and the battery that used to last me 90min min now lasts 5min max.

    NEC suck balls.

    anyone know of a not too expensive but decent brand? ideally good for gaming
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    Asustek and acer have a few good models with decent video for gamers at ok cost. Most ppl will tell u these are crap brands but i see less of these faulty then other brands. If you want to spend a bit more for some class go samsung or toshiba.

    Just my recommendations as i have used them all.


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      Can't go past IBM/Lenovo laptops.

      They're aimed at the business market, so they're usually a bit slower and more expensive, but they're excellent pieces of machinery.
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        Dell laptops are your best bang for your buck.
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          Dunno about bang for your buck, but ALL my laptops over the last 10 years have been Toshiba. I have spilt half a can of beer over one - had a blue screen "System Halted" let her dry out and it continued to run fine for the next 3 years.

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            I Swear by toshibas too. As alyways you get what you pay for

            and on that note if your not prepared to pay much then the dells are good value and reasonably reliable. Asus is pretty good from what ive seen too.

            NECs Compaqs and SHARPs are rubbish from my own experience.


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              acers or toshibas

              ive got an acer and its runs fine

              toshiba prolly that bit more robust

              the cyber shop in stirling street - service there is pretty good

              portacom - i thought sucked imho


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                if youre going to use it mainly for gaming, why not get a desktop? a top ed gaming notebook is going to be very $$$$$


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                  if you had dosh then alienware laptop for gaming but since you said not too expensive then.......well get a desktop =P i recently bought a LG laptop and its sweet but i also have a desktop for hardcore games like BF2 and F.E.A.R and such. basically the games laptops can play (even the good ones) will be outdated too fast to be worth it.


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                    Just got a Dell Inspiron 9300. It's actually pretty darn good. It's not ultra portable, being 17" widescreen and all. But it does have a radeon GFX card with 256 mb of onboard memory. The battery life is average, but I can watch a whole DVD without having to recharge it. Speed is quite adequate, it's got a 2ghz centrino chip and a gig of ram. All up it cost about three and a half fully loaded with software (work machine, so had to be legit software). That included the three year warranty, insurance against me spilling beer on it etc.

                    I am pretty happy with it. First upgrade will be from 6 cell to 9 cell battery. Apart from that, it's pretty good.