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Sony using spyware on CD's

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  • Sony using spyware on CD's

    Be afraid peoples. Sony using Spyware to track your uses of its cd's.

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    Old hat. Bad news is that it doesn't come with an uninstall. Trying to remove it manually only buggers your windows install.

    They created an "uninstall" utility and distributed it on the web but this DOES NOT REMOVE IT and actually installs OTHER DRM/spyware stuff.

    Funnily enough, it doesn't work on Mac OSX or Linux boxes.

    Hmmmm... where's my Mandrake PC...?
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      Who the hell buys CD's anymore?
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        Very old story. See the original article. The retraction by Sony after the outcry.

        Plus there are heaps of other stories on how it does work on Macs, sticky tape can defeat it, virus/trojans using it to hide, etc, etc.

        See what you get when you 'do the right thing'!


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          wouldn't it buggering your windows install be a violation of anti-reverse engineering or software tampering stuff with microsoft? then again, they are probably involved...
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