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  • dwtk: 24hrs in Honkers

    Got a 24hr stopover in Hong Kong on the way home.

    Any suggestions?

    Have done the google.
    Hong Kong: 10 Things to Do in 24 Hours | VisitCHN

    What's all the sage advice that wouldn't be on a respectable website?

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    4 floors, hang on, that's Singapore
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      Check out the Peak Tram. Steepest Tram ride I've ever been on. If you go at night, the view from the top is awesome.


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        Jelly shots in Lan Kwai Fong!!!


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          What Mike said. And:

          Try Dusk 'Til Dawn; or The Wanch (live music every night, jamnite on mondays) - on Jaffee Rd.

          When are you coming through?
          aka Matt
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            Am in HK on friday Apr 1st. (No joke.)


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              Used to be a big techie market in Tsim Sha Shui.

              Wanchai was always fun after dark.

              Last there in '95 though, so things may have changed a bit
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                Go to the Jumbo floating restaurant.


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                  Am in HK on friday Apr 1st. (No joke.)
                  Oh well, already back in Perth, fly out @ 3PM on the 1st. Would have tried to meet up for a beer if that suited you.

                  Good luck, have fun.
                  aka Matt
                  RB 2 11


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                    Bugger. Always up for a drink.

                    What's alcohol (ie: spirits to bring back to oz) and electronics prices like?
                    Worth keeping an eye out for anything or just buying dutyfree back in Perth?


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                      24hrs......I think I need a week.....

                      Tastings (Wine Bar)
                      With a massive selection of wine from around the world, this is a bar for the vino lover. Tastings stocks more than 160 wines, 40 of which are featured at any one time in one of its major drawcards: the Enomatic wine system, which allows you to sample some of the world’s finest wines in small and affordable amounts at the press of a button. Finished in a slick rustic style appropriate for an urban wine specialist, and dominated by the blue glow emanating from its extensive wine reserves room, this should be the first stop for anyone with a desire for a rich shiraz, a crisp chardonnay or a refreshing rosé. 27 & 29 Wellington St, Central. Mon-Thurs 5pm-2am. Fri & Sat 4pm-2am. Closed Sun. 2523 6282.

                      The Chinnery
                      If it’s a cosy gentleman’s club-like atmosphere you crave along with your single malt, then the secluded Chinnery in the Mandarin Oriental is the place for you. One of the first gastro-pubs in town (and still offering the best fish and chips and chicken makhani in Hong Kong), The Chinnery has a wall of whisky that, at last count comprised over 120 rare single-malt whiskies, making it not only the best in Hong Kong, but in Asia. We also love the whisky trails on offer here: like a wine flight, each trail offers tastes of five different whiskies that are enticing to both novices and connoisseurs. Bar manager Billy Lo recommends Irish whiskies such as Jameson and Bushmills for beginners as they carry a “light and smooth finish” while real whisky lovers will delight in their rare Lombard collection, worth their weight in gold as the distiller is no longer in existence

                      Marco Polo
                      Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel’s Lobby Lounge was conferred the distinction of ‘bar with the world’s most varieties of rum commercially available’ by Guinness World Records.
                      Lobby Lounge’s selection of 102 rum varieties from different parts of the globe were individually checked and verified in an adjudication event led by Ms. Angela Wu, official adjudicator for Guinness World Records.


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                        I'm voting Marco polo.


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                          You don't need a week, you need 2. Temple street markets, Nathan road, wan chai, Stanley bay, giant Buddha, Macau list goes on and on. Temple street markets is worth the look at night time
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                            Depending on what you're interested in, the cable car to the Buddha that waikik...fuckthatsalongname mentioned is awesome. (And starts near the airport) On that same island (Lantau) is Tai O which is a small fishing village. Smells like shit and there's nothing to do there but worth seeing nonetheless. Back on the 'mainland' Wanchai markets are semi reputable for electronic stuff. (digismile is a good store). The escalators through soho and up to the gardens are cool. The Peak is cool. The bus ride to Stanley markets will make everything you do on a motorbike suddenly seem safe by comparison.

                            For more cultural type stuff, just jump on a train out of the main areas and go where it takes you. But yeah, 24 hours is not long enough. If you get stuck anywhere. 7-11's sell beer. Cheap
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