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Health: Arthritis and Nerve problems

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  • Health: Arthritis and Nerve problems

    Hello PSB,
    I'm twigs, a new member.
    I was hoping some of you could give me some insight in the best way to deal with arthritis and nerve problems?
    I was diagnosed with arthritis in both feet last year and also found a serious problem with a nerve in my left-foot. (Not related to each other though)
    I'm sick of taking pain-killers all the time, as they don't seem to do much for my arthritis (although they help my nerve pain sometimes)
    I take three fish-oils a day already- has anyone found benefit in taking 4 three times a day for arthritis or is it just a bunch of crock?

    Anyone found some good home remedies or anything? I'm only young and have been put on crutches twice now and am in the process of being referred to a specialist to see if surgery is an option for the nerve. I just want to live normally!!
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Glucosamine & fish oil help, but there isn't a blanket remedy for it unfortunately.

    Cortisone injections should get you off crutches(when it gets really shitty), aside from that just try to keep fit and healthy.

    You seeing a rheumatologist?


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      At the moment just a podiatrist, but I am seeing a specialist for my nerve soon hopefully. I'm wearing orthodics at the moment to restore the arch in my foot to help my arthritis- but it doesn't seem to be doing much. My podiatrist doesn't want me to have surgery yet on my arthritis...
      Cortisone is quite dangerous isn't it? I've heard it's very good for arthritis- but bad for the rest of you!
      Glucosamine- Ok, I'll remember that one. I might up my dosage of fish-oil to see if that calms down the flare-ups....
      what is a Rheumatologist anyway?


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        I'm not a GP or qualified to give out medical advice, so please take everything i say (and everything you read on the internet) with a pinch of salt.

        If you're really in strife, go see a GP or rheumatologist and get tests done.

        Rheumatologists specialise in joint issues. Can usually get a referral from a GP.

        Cortisone isn't really dangerous (again, reading scare stories and other shit on the internet isn't helpful in this regard). If you're in the predicament (during a flareup) where you're unable to put any sort of weight on either foot, it is a fucking godsend.

        Make sure you're eating the correct painkillers too. Aspirin isn't particularly helpful to some forms of arthritis. Usually you're just better off taking heavy dose NSAIDS when it gets horribly shitty.
        But eating them all the time will lead to even more fun things like stomach ulcers.

        What kind of arthritus have you been blessed with?


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          Hi Maxo, thanks for all your help!
          thankfully its only the nerves that stop me walking and weight-baring. My arthritis just hurts allot and the joint gets VERY stiff and sore, the only thing I can do is ice them- but that plays around with the nerve in my foot sometimes : /
          I only take ibuprofen and anti-inflammatories- what's NSAIDS? It rings a bell.... but for the life of me I can't remember.
          as for the type of arthritis, it's called Hallux Limitis (Limit of the big toe- it's only in the big toe- but it feels like the whole bloody foot sometimes!!)
          but it's a form of osteoarthritis. I've had problems with my big toe since I was about 8 or so, never thought much of it until nowish.
          Sooner or later this problem will get worse and my big-toe joint will fuse completely. To be totally honest- I'm quite scared!


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            Read the information sheet that comes with your anti-inflamitories, some pain killers negate their effect.
            As for fish oil it cant hurt to take 4 three times a day. Give it a go and see if it works for you.


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              I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 3years ago. The best thing I did was stop swallowing over the counter medicines & got myself referred to a Rheumatologist.
              We now have it "under control" with the assistance of proper medication & treatment. Am able to live as close to a "normal life" as possible.
              I swallow good amounts of Fish Oil & can only say that it assists rather than cures. Do yourself a favour & seek out Professional help.


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                Well, I'm giving up the medications and anti-inflammtories. Their not working and pumping myself full of drugs is only going to make the rest of my body worse.
                I have a look to see a Rheumatologist (who-ever that is) I might even be referred to them for the nerve problems I have that will require surgery at some stage. My arthritis is Osteoarthritis....slowly degenerative- but bloody painful all the same!
                I'll start taking more fish oil and see if that improves!
                thanks everyone for you help, all your feedback has been greatly appreciated- and any more would be awesome!


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                  Their not working and pumping myself full of drugs is only going to make the rest of my body worse.
                  TBH if you're in a position to be saying it, it isn't that bad yet.
                  Yes there are side effects, but the side effects of not taking the anti inflammatories during a flareup are usually much worse (e.g faster degeneration).


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                    It feels bad... because it's in my feet- I use them for EVERYTHING! So it seems bad.
                    at the moment the nerves are getting worse and worse in my left foot and I have my driving test tomorrow in a manual! : /
                    I keep an eye out on my flare ups (which really just mould into the normal pain of my arthritis sometimes I've become so accustomed to the pain now.) and keep the anti-inflammatories near. I took some this morning to see if it would help the nerve... with no anvil.


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