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road bike recommendations - yes a bloody bicycle!!

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  • road bike recommendations - yes a bloody bicycle!!

    looking for a new road bike for fitness & possibly commuting (in the future!).
    prefer flat-top road bike, or maybe dual controls. budget is under $1k.

    looked at the Avanti Blade 3.0 for $700 or so, looked pretty good.
    Blade 3.0 - Fitness / Flat Bar Road Bike - Avanti Bikes

    any suggestions, recommendations, thoughts on the Blade3 or other?

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    Have a look at a trek 1.1. $699 also

    sora/2300 groupset is reliable enough for a beginner

    test ride both
    buy one and ride it
    if you like riding you can always upgrade later

    or you could buy my road bike i have advertised in the for sale section


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      nah that's a front control bike, not what i want.
      blade3 is a sora/2200


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        Read my thoughts, i'll be chasing one very shortly as well i rekon! Baffles me how 1 in 3 pushies these days have a motor attached


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          Oh you mean a bicycle?!

          on a motorcycle forum, when someone writes 'road bike' I think of something like this:

          Not this:

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            when I bought my first road bike I had a similar budget. The best deal I found was down at The Bicycle Entrepreneur on Stirling highway. They had there own custom brand of bike which gets imported in pieces and they assemble. I rode a few bikes and it was by far the best for the price.

            I have no idea whether they still do them and I can't name you any other models but it might be worth a shot to pay a visit.


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              any reason why you want a flat bar roadie?


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                yeah, i hate the posture of forward controls.
                i'm a big dude and prefer upright riding.


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                  Read my mind as well...... subscribed.
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                    Some Sora components can be pretty rubbish, if you plan on using it as a commuter then aim for 105 for anything drivetrain related.

                    Considering you don't actually generally ride in the aero position 95% of the time on a drop bar road bike it shouldn't really make much of a difference as to choice - the main factor is getting the correctly sized frame/headstem/bar/seat combination - which your local bike shop should be able to help you with.

                    That said, either way, I would look at buying a recent secondhand bike as for $700 you will be able to pick up something much better quality - or similar for around $550 plus a major service/overhaul down at your local shop. A good quality secondhand bike will have much better resale if you decide to give it up too.


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                      the problem i find with drop bar positioning is if you want to brake/change gears (i find) you need to then drop down, lean forward, etc which is a pain in the rear, especially with riding around suburban streets, etc. i'm sure it's perfect for long commutes or easy runs down the freeway, but not what i'm after.

                      i looked at some second hand units, but i'm not inspired by any, and people either want almost RRP for a 2+yr old bike, or they are fairly hammered.


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                        WIthout knowing much specifically about the BLade 3.0, I have been told by multiple people, both without and without a financial interest in my purchases, that a Sora groupset simply will not last as a regular commuter. Like =Stevo= said, 105 should be the minimum for regular reliable use. Apart from that, go test ride some and see how they feel. And report back here, as Im keen to hear your thoughts.
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                          Hi Broughman.

                          For that sort of budget you’re going to get a sweet ride. Here’s a few more to consider;

                          Giant CRX2
                          Scott Sub 20
                          Cannondale Bad Boy disc

                          All will meet your needs but if you’re prepared to pay more for something relatively unique I think the BB is aesthetically the pick of the bunch. You’ll get a 2010 BB disc for $1300 and there’s a lifetime warranty on all Cannondale frames. Over the years I cracked 3 Cannondale road bike frames and they’ve always been replaced within 2-4 weeks. Comes down to how much and how aggressively you ride but if you’re a Clydsdale like me it might be something to consider. That and a good 700 wheel set.

                          Most of the "name" brands are pretty similar in price and quality, but how they fit and feel when you ride them is the most important part. Go test ride them all and if the Avanti still tugs at your heart strings buy it. My bro manages TBE in Nedlands and I’m sure you’ll be able to get good service and a competitive price there.


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                            thanks tom.

                            visited my local Avanti dealer today (Rockingham) and unfortunately they are waiting on some more Blade3's to come in next week or so. rode the Blade2 (cheaper version) and was impressed with feel and comfort, especially once the very helpful staff did a full measure and adjustment to my body. will wait for Blade3 to come in to ride that as it's lighter and better components.

                            another one I'm hoping to look at next week - Giant Cross City 3. same pricing, similar specs and components to the Blade3.


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                              I just bought a Cross City 3, got it at Cyclemania in Canning Vale for $599 or less (can't remember exactly) with a free pannier rack for carrying bags. Good bike. I'd looked at changing controls and switching flat bars on my old racer. Too costly to justify when I could buy a new bike for a couple of hundred more.
                              Comfy, easily adjustable, slightly sprung seat for those hard bumps. I rate it. Easy to maintain and can go reasonably quick.
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