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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone uses a GPS tracking, running watch, just looking at the Garmin forerunner 410 and asking myself is it really worth it. Or would an ipod nano and its nike fitness app do the same thing? and/or are their cheaper options (as the garmin is priced at about $400).

    If you use an alternative post what it is and cost etc.

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    i have the garmin forerunner 50 and does the job for heart rate and i use the nike iphone app and also runkeeper for the iphone and all work a treat i also use the couch to 5k progame on podcast
    if you are intrested i have a garmin forerunner 50 for sale for $100


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      I've used the ipod app with nike fitness and the sensor and it seemed fine. I've also a garmin 305 or 310 which works great. I started with the ipod and fell in love with running so went for the garmin. the garmin i bought was about $200. I don't use the heart rate monitor part. The garmin are good as you can set up a virtual partner ie you set your partner to run 10ks in 50 minutes and by glancing at the screen you can see if you are behind him or in front of him and the distance. I don't like the idea of taking my iphone with me but mapmyrun is also a good app.

      Running can get quite expensive when you add up the shoes, the clothes, and then the gadgets but your fitness is worth it.


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        You can get a free app on Android phones called MyTracks.

        Its got gps mapping recording and you can get a bluetooth heart monitor and connect to that if you want to record you heart rate as well.

        I've used it windsurfing to record my speed and distance. It works very well and is free.


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          A stopwatch is all I've ever used - pick 2-3 checkpoints along the way to monitor progress along your regular route and you are sorted.


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            I've used runkeeper and nike on the iphone.

            They are OK, but the GPS can be hit and miss. Sometimes its great, other times terrible. Runkeeper seems to be better at tracking the route IMO and is less likely to just stop recording distance.

            After doing a fair bit of reading I bought a garmin 310xt and it is brilliant. GPS tracking is excellent and it suits me perfectly as I like to train to both HR and pace. It wasn't cheap but I think it was worth it.

            Luke put me onto dcrainmakers reviews of the garmin stuff, check out his blog for a detailed write up on many of the garmin HRMs.


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              pfft Stevo, and I thought you were a gadget geek.

              It'd be like somebody saying you don't need toys to have fun in the bedroom, just give her a kiss.

              I'm interested in this too, between diddles and I our various phone based GPS running programs can be 0.5km out over 10km
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                If people are using phone based GPS make sure it is actually gps not agps.

                The old iphones don't have real gps only the cell tower version and that can be out by heaps.

                My HTC desire is pretty accurate.


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                  I was using a 3GS which has real GPS

                  as I said, sometimes good, sometimes bad. On the otherhand, the garmin is spot on everytime.


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                    Cheers all for the info, i run about 6 km on a treadmill in just under 30 minutes at least once a day if not more, and was thinking about getting into bigger distances on the road, plus eventually ill be getting a road bike and it will come in handy then too
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                      Originally posted by rgvlee View Post
                      I've used runkeeper and nike on the iphone.

                      Luke put me onto dcrainmakers reviews of the garmin stuff, check out his blog for a detailed write up on many of the garmin HRMs.

                      check this, all options reviewed in depth DC Rainmaker ive got the 310xt as i use it for multisport...if you dont swim or ride then one of the other may be better suited..and if you are spending time on a treadmill...grab a footpod as well.

                      you can see the data collected in the link to Garmin connect in my sig
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                        any idea which place is the best to purchase them? or is ebay as good as anything?

                        on that note, what are the best places to buy skins and fitness gear in general? any particular website or just ebay? or a particular sport store?
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                        "it works for a spherical chicken in a vacuum"


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                          i bought mine locally from total triathlon - GARMIN HRM : 10% DISCOUNT !!!! : Total Triathlon Store i wanted one without waiting and the local warrenty was nice as well...or;

                          pot luck on ebay...


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                            I bought my 310xt from Rebel Sports as I didn't have time to drive cross town to total triathlon. They price matched TT.

                            Alternatively, I have a spare runners world 15% off voucher from the bridges run last weekend that you are welcome to if you want it.

                            I checked out the other watches, the 110 doesn't give real time pace, the 210 isn't available locally, and the 410 is the same price as the 310xt, I think it had less feature than and smaller form factor from what I remember reading. dcrainmaker covers all of the above, check out the comments as well as the reviews.

                            I wanted the local warranty and ebay didn't seem to offer massive discounts, I think best price I saw for a 310xt was about $350; I'd pay $50 for local support and the have it now factor.


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                              the 3gs only has assisted GPS

                              Apple - iPhone 3GS - Size, weight, battery life, and other specs