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  • Moving interstate

    I searched and there was only 1 relevant thread, so here it goes...

    My parents are moving from Perth to Melbourne, they have no idea about to go on about it. They want to move everything in the house except the couches, so maybe 20/25m2?

    Without having to do a quotation and give all my details to a company, can everyone give me a rough estimate of how much they have paid for something similar in the past? Any tricks to make things cheaper (DIY packing, not bringing white goods etc?)

    We are a bit in the dark about this, so any help would go a long way.

    Thanks in advance.

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    tell them to rent a container from one of the container rental companies, and send it back themselves as a backload or some shit.

    I'm probably thinking industry rates, but it's fuckin cheap to send units back east, they have to go back anyway, so normally reasonably priced.


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      Hey how did this turn out?
      I just applied for a job back in Melbourne.
      I don't have much to send back, but are still interested in the costs though.


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        also keen to find out info on this


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          Originally posted by SpeedTrip View Post
          Hey how did this turn out?
          I just applied for a job back in Melbourne.
          I don't have much to send back, but are still interested in the costs though.
          Parents are moving in december so still a long way to go and not much legwork done as for yet, didn't get much from this thread as it can be seen.

          Any info would still be beneficial at this stage and for future reference in PSB.


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            I got a quote to move 30 cubic metres, which is what a 20ft sea container holds...

            They pack it, and including a months storage it was a little over $4000...

            Thats Brisbane to Perth...

            The company was Backloading Removals...

            Last year going Perth to Brisbane paid about $6500 with Crown Removals...

            We will probably go with one of the "pod" companies and pack it ourselves, I hope to do it for $3000ish...


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              I've moved a lot with work. Perth -> Melbourne -> Brisbane -> Melbourne -> Perth -> Melbourne -> Perth. (Not all of those long term)

              The last Melbourne -> Perth move was 2004 and we spent almost $10k of someone else's money. That included absolutely everything. Contents of house, 2 vehicles, all packing, insurance, all unpacking, and even a couple of ladies that unpacked all the kitchen/linen etc and put it away in the new house. We didn't have to lift a finger, only had one minor breakage and it was sorted straight away.

              The one bit of advice I'd give is to contact a removals broker. Similar to insurance/finance brokers have access to products that you can't get as a member of the public. Let them know your objective and your budget (as little as possible) and see what they can put together for you. I can't remember the one we used last time, but they were obviously Melbourne based. Even if they don't turn out ot be the cheapest option, it is helpful to talk to them as you may learn some helpful tips/tricks that you can use in your own negotiations.
              Originally posted by The Wolf
              That's thirty minutes away. I'll be there in ten.


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      's easy if someone else is paying for it...

                Hence why my move to QLD cost more...

                I didn't look for a bargain, I just looked for the biggest company...

                Car isn't too bad, I got a quote for $1350ish Brisbane to Perth...


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                  I moved MEL-PER and back again with Kents. MEL-PER they moved my apartment worth of stuff and crated up two bikes and I think I paid about $3k, at the start of 2007. I packed all the stuff and the bikes were my responsibility to drop off/pick up from their depot. Most places have a calculation sheet which gives you a rough idea of the m2.
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                    You comin back Rich?
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                      Try Wridgways ... used them to move back from QLD to PER


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                        Originally posted by xsnoiz View Post
                        You comin back Rich?


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                          We are also moving to Melbourne next month... want some information about moving a small car.. getz.. and some boxes...


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                            Hi All,

                            Reviving this thread as I am moving interstate and wanted to prove I did a search before asking...

                            Heading to Sydney next year and need to move a car, motorbike and personal effects...

                            Any suggestions on who to use for each?

                            I have sought quotes from Toll Auto Trans, Bikes only and Australia wide bike transporters.

                            Anyone got suggestions on personal effects and the car?

                            many thanks in advance!



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                              Auto Trans for the car...

                              Bikes only for the bike...

                              Pack the household stuff in a container yourself, and if there's room stick the bike it too...

                              That's what I did...