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Taxi's - Get home from the swan valley. Know any reliable ones?

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  • Taxi's - Get home from the swan valley. Know any reliable ones?

    Anyone tried to catch a taxi late on a saturday night from the Swan Valley into Perth?

    Could Swan Taxi's be trusted to actually turn up?

    Or know anyone you'd reccommend?

    Accomm: Nothing going. And still be some driving involved.
    Limo: Can't rely on numbers.

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    mm I'd hope that Phildo could answer this one for you


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      There are usually heaps of people coming out this way from the city on the weekend so I'd say your chances are pretty good.

      Most drivers would be keen to take a fare back into town than go back empty.
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        Try booking a mini van. Gauranteed turning up on time rather than pot luck with a taxi who'll probably just get lost and nick off on anyway.
        We always book a mini van and use the same company (Super Roo Tours) so they seem to look after us. But we are usually going into the valley and then getting taken home again. Though the more you have the cheaper it will be but you get a better service.
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          well i can tell you 2 years ago on my wedding night nothing turned up. We booked maxi taxi's earlier and they never showed, rang all the companies and they were rude and said that its up to the driver if he wants to do the fare.

          Nothing better than just getting married, then waiting over 2 hours for taxi's that never showed, then in the end when the last of the waitresses was locking up the place, she dropped my father in law back to the resort so he could come get us in his jeep. He was so intoxicated im suprised we made it home, but there was no other option.

          Ever since that day, ive never relied on taxi's for anything. Its easier to give a mate $50 to drive you around.