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    Right, The mrs and i are looking to get a small laptop for travel. I was happy to get the apple air untill i compared it to the HP (witch i have now) and the hp's are in general 3times better and $500 cheaper than the apple.

    The mrs is sold on the apple because.... well its an apple (wouldnt evan have to turn on for her) Can anyone convince me either way.

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    I can, the HP has 3 times better stats, but it isnt 3 times better, it will be a heap of shit unless you boot it to run Snow leopard and not that heap of shit called windows.
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      You havent really stated what your requirements are other than its for travel...there you want small and light. Perhaps a netbook might be in order then? Poofteenth the price of the apple or HP.


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        get a Galaxy tab for $299 JB HIFI or Telstrashop

        will do same as light net book


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          To weigh in, I grabbed myself a Samsung N150 plus when I was in the same situation as you 6 months ago. It's tits.
          I think it was just over 400 bucks at the time. It's a hell of a lot more compact than a Macbook air and a lot more sutiable for travel. The matte screen is brill for watching movies as well.
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            "the HP" ????


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              the apple air follows the mac marketing trend very hard.
              Looks great, nice and light and pretty, but it doesn't deliver as a 'value' option.

              Through work and my own business I've run both macs and asus/dell/others and whilst the macs are great and worth the money for some things (video editing, music, photo editing, trying to learn computing as a 60 year old e-tard) they still cannot compete on the budget market - because they are not marketed as a budget product, however they do manage to use resources more efficiently through avoiding winblows and using decent components.
              If you are on a budget, stay away from the Mac - it really isn't good value - but if you have money to burn and want to be the coolest kid in the cafe with a pretty, easy to use computer then get the mac.

              Plenty of other cheap, slim options out there that will do all you need (MSI X-series, Asus 12" e-series and u-series, thin dells even (fuck i hate dells) and all that jazz - just google what is best in the ultraportable market)


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                You cant baet the fact that osx runs so much better than windows...

                Programs install with one file to uninstall delete the one file...cant beat simplicity

                The greatest thing is there is no bloatware running in the back ground with macs its all efficiency so down the track when your windows machine is taking forever to load up or you need an upgrade to run software the mac is still purring away efficient as ever....

                And they look the goods too.


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                  Originally posted by Pva_Glue View Post
                  get a Galaxy tab for $299 JB HIFI or Telstrashop

                  will do same as light net book
                  Every time somebody says "Get a tablet" or "it'll do everything you need" when somebody is looking for an ultra portable laptop, it makes me wish I could punch them in the throat.

                  Tablets are toys. The Macbook Air isn't exactly a 'netbook' either, and drawing anything between them is a bit silly.

                  The tablet brigade are almost as painful as the Mactards that insist OSX is better than Windows 'just because'.
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                    Originally posted by GinjaNinja View Post
                    Programs install with one file to uninstall delete the one file...cant beat simplicity
                    hehehehe. as far as you know buddy!


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                      Yeah, that made me giggle too.


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                        Once you've gone Mac, you can never go back.
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                          Originally posted by Tiger1 View Post
                          Once you've gone Mac, you can never go back.
                          Thats so true!!


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                            "For travel".
                            So you are looking for an ultraportable with half decent battery life that you can plug your camera, iPod/iPhone into, store a few tunes etc.
                            If you can afford it and want an easy to use, reliable laptop with a solid OS and application set, I can't recommend anything else.
                            However, don't be shitty in 2 years time when you have zero battery life and have to send it into Apple to get the internal battery replaced.


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                              Cheapy easy?

                              2ndhand MSI Wind U100 - $200? from eBay.
                              Borrow or buy an external USB DVDROM burner.
                              Buy the full Snow Leopard so you're legal - $49 or something stupid.
                              Find and download SnowyWind.

                              Mac's OS-X running happily on cheap hardware. I use mine as a very portable work machine. No, don't try and run 3D CAD applications or Photoshop on it. But for bashing out an email, previewing images from a camera etc it's very usable and cheap as chips.
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