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  • Kindle

    I was wondering if someone can help me with the charging for purchases?

    I just bought the Kindle and am trying to work out a few things.

    From what I am reading if your book purchase is sent to the Kindle then you will be charged a fee? Is that right? Or if I am using Wi-Fi would it be free??

    If I get it sent to my computer first then put it onto my kindle it is free??

    I keep looking around the site but keep coming up with different answers!

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    As far as Im aware its all the same price. Just buy the book on Amazon and it goes to your kindle account, then next time you open a kindle device, or your kindle app on your iphone of computer it just links in to that account but you only buy it once.
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      Pay once, goes on the kindle or/and pute. pay no more. Same as buying a book really, they keep it in your online library.