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  • Vouchers and expiry

    I have a question about vouchers ...

    I was given a PLE voucher for $150 2 years ago and put it on the desk and forgot about it.

    Most vouchers have a 12 month expiry.

    Anyone know rules, regulations etc regarding vouchers and expriy? Its free money to them for people who forget to use them and now I want to use it and spend another $500 in their store.

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    oh and to be technical ... they didn't write an issue date on the back where the issue date area is.

    they wrote a date in the amount field.


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      i have a mate who works at PLE.

      goin to his 21st tonight so IF i remember i'll ask him about it...


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        I want to spend money and I realise its out of date but I'm looking for a little leniency I just forgot I had the voucher.


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          Im pretty sure the expiry date is a term and condition that you agree to upon purchase of the voucher. If you dont use it tough.

          You may best be going in there and speaking to the manager with some sob story or something like that seeing if he will allow you to use it.


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            yeah after some research I found it is ...

            I did speak with a bloke on the phone but his attitude but was basically stiff fkn shit. I see their point of view but I've spent thousands in their store over the years and every time I rebuild a pc ALL the parts come from them. I'm just looking for a little customer service back now.


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              Unless the voucher has an issue date and/or expiry date and/or mentions validity period I would say THEY're out of luck. So if you're voucher has no issue date and no mention of anything else I can't them having a legal leg to stand on. Whether you'd want to drag it through small claims court is a different story.

              PS: Customer Service (or common sense) - PERTH


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                it has one ...

                nah i'm not interested in that stuff ... I'd just like to spend some money in their store and use an out of date voucher

                if they say no I'll take my money elsewhere. They probably don't care.


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                  PLE are a pack of arrogant cunts....seriously. shop elsewhere. Every time I go in there, each and every sales rep i get acts as if his shit doesnt stink an is a patronizing jerk. Their customer service is always left lacking, with the kind of attitude that you just described viper.

                  I would seriously recommend taking your business elsewhere.


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                    The only thing I can say is that when I go in or I send someone in I give them the exact details of what they need so I'm not looking for customer service. I just want my part(s) and I'm gone. Its easier that way and I would miss most of the bullshit or I order online. Same end result. Where's my parts and I'm gone.


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                      from what i hear about them from one of their staff, i wouldnt shop there either!

                      oh and if you do, be careful what you leave on your computer.
                      if you can help it, remove all personal pics and files before taking it in there to be fixed...


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                        ^^ same thing here. But they always seem intent on telling me what is "better" or what i should buy...because you know...they are the "pro's" and know better than EVERYONE else in the world...they just seem very sour about having to be there and serve customers. Must be bitter they cant be at home jackin it to porn.


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                          i think they are ok...ive been using them for years...
                          i dont go thier to make buddys or shit,its because the prices are always pretty competitive
                          most times even lower then fleebay if you factor shippoff charges.
                          the sales peeps arnt no different to any retail stores as far as attitude,
                          fucked if i would last long in the job with all the numnuts coming in and holding up the que for half an hour wanting to mastubate about thier lonely geeky hobbies..
                          id end up sticking a thumdrive in sumones eye

                          if you want attitude,go to netplus an be luvvy long time


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                            my wife got a gift voucher for Kawasaki Country in Bunbury from her workplace as a gift when she left, we forgot about it for two years when she found it she wanted a new helmet but she accepted that it was unfortunately out of date.

                            I decided bugger the expiry date somebody paid cash for it and it's a good test of their customer service, so i walked into the store and handed the voucher to the salesperson and said clearly "my wife would like to buy a new helmet and we have this gift voucher which is out of date" his response "no problem, go choose the helmet you like and i'll find this in the system"

                            15 minutes later after some assistance from another member of their sales staff we selected a $250 helmet went to the counter to pay i thanked them for all their assistance and mentioned that i thought it was going to be more difficult, his reply "not at all, the only problem would be if we couldn't find the corresponding sales record for the voucher which would mean it was forged or stolen"

                            which is how the situation should be treated and i will often send people to Kawasaki Country for accessories or gift vouchers for friends who ride because of the fact they didn't make a big deal out of it.

                            From a business point of view it would be nice to have $100 from the voucher for nothing, that is pure profit. But in this case they may possibly have made less profit but get the word of mouth advertising that businesses need to survive.
                            Do you remember the good old days before the internet?

                            when arguments were only entered into by the physically or intellectually able.


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                              So what do people think should be a reasonable cutoff for a 12 month voucher? Two years, five years, 10 years, unlimited?