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leg reconstrucions, recovery time and tips?

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  • leg reconstrucions, recovery time and tips?

    Heyo folks,

    so after riding over 7000k across australia on my little 250, i fell off a pushbike while riding in the rain and destroyed my leg. multiple fractures of the left tibia (along the top 1\3 and the tibian plateu) worst of which being a little plug of bone that was attached to my posterior cruciate ligament. wasn't sure what i'd done at first, so i went to bed with a compression and an ice pack. woke a few hours later in pretty substantial pain but was staying with my uncle and the only medicinal help he could offer was 2 blackmores sleeping pills and 2 teaspoons of kiddy panadol. finally at about 6 am (off happened at about 2) we went to hospital where i spent 12 hours and got an xray.

    had a week waiting for the swelling to go down and just got discharged after having it reconstructed. luckily they didn't need to augment the ligaments with my hamstrings or anything, and they only made 1 incision and a few screws i think.

    they're suggesting i'll need 6-8 weeks with crutches and no weight bearing, with an extimated full recovery time of 6-8 months. though, i meet with both the specialist and the physio later in the week.

    who else has had 'em? what was the recovery like? is it strong now? do you worry about it being weaker? what sort of excercise helped? did you take special vitamins or supplements?

    i'm on the public health system (in sydney, out of royal north shore) without insurance, so thinking i'll start going to a pool when i can to do some excercises there, just wondering what other people have done to help the process.

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    Originally posted by fatoxious View Post
    finally at about 6 am (off happened at about 2) we went to hospital where i spent 12 hours and got an xray. Fatty.
    On the sauce Fatty?


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      fatty that sucks to hear. Haven't had one but 6 months sounds like a pretty good recovery time to me for such an extensive injury.

      Edit: Tips, lots of physio and exercises when you are able to. Lay off the alcohol as this will help you heal
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        Originally posted by officer down View Post
        On the sauce Fatty?
        ah yes, may have had a few. not enough to subdue the pain however.
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          My left knee was reconstructed in 1985. Took about a year to get off the crutches. Left leg is still somewhat smaller than right due to my boneheadedness at not doing the physical therapy as much as I should have. I also had blood clots develop within the first couple of weeks after surgery, got to keep the blood moving. Excercise your foot/ankle as much as you can to keep the circulation up. If you follow the physio's instructions and actually do the exercises, I'm sure you'll come out fine.
          I did, however, become very good at hopping on the good leg.


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            Recovery depends on a lot of things. Age being a major one. I am 52 and smashed my leg up pretty good last year when I dropped my bike on it (my Valentines gift for my wife). I had to have a plate inserted in the lower half of my leg in Freo public. Must say the staff were most excellent. I was lucky, very little pain associated with the accident and recovery. I would say the main though would be to not under estimate the recovery time. Did you get chairs for the bathroom/shower? Crutches are hard work, don't plan long jaunts. 14 months for me and no pain but I still have some skin problems from all the broken carpillaries around the wound. Once I was out of plaster I got a pair of surgical stockings, they really help to contain the swelling which I still get. But apart from that I am fine


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              I remember my husbands knee recon. He dislocated his knee cap playing footy. Some of the kneecap came off and severed his patella tendon. He was about 12 months all up and yes, you HAVE to do the physio. He has done both shoulders as well and while one is ok, one still pops out whenever it feels like it.

              Nasty, hope it heals well for you.
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                Legs aint fun buddy. Spent many months on crutches as a kid after a motorcycle tumble, and recently shagged ankles have seen them walking devices back in my life.

                6 months from surgery to almost full (or full, if you're lucky) recovery doesn't sound out of the ball park.
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