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Singapore - Where to stay and what to do?

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  • Singapore - Where to stay and what to do?

    Howdy all,
    We're planning to spend a week in Singapore in September or October (for the simple reason, apart from the airport, we've never been there before) and really know very little about the place apart from its reputation for insanely good food.
    If anyone can provide anecdotal experience as to where is the best area to base yourself out of and recommend things to see and do that would be really appreciated. I might end up just biting the bullet and just do the whole F1 thing, but I am kinda looking forward to having a lazy, laid back holiday instead.
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    Eat, Drink, Shop

    Make sure you dedicate at least an Afternoon to the Zoo and an Evening at the Night Safari(better than the zoo i think)

    Public Transport is insanely good and cheap so where you stay doesnt really matter. Most of the cheap acomm is in Geyland which is the hookers area so stay out of that.


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      Sentosa island is a must, beautiful little spot with some fun attractions. Do the night safari pretty cool little place that gets you nice and close to the animals. I hate shopping but did the main drag with the missus. The place is amazing! We did about a km without going back outside. They all just link together and its really easy to just get lost amongst it. Can't remember the street name though. A duck boat tour is pretty fun, hybrid boat/bus that tours the city the f1 track then goes into the water and shows you the harbour and its surroundings. Do the Singapore eye! Not as good a view and the London eye yet still something to tick of the list. Apart from that everywhere is amazingly clean and nice. Is it called Clark keys? My memory escapes me but Night hotspot with clubs food and good views.

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        Yep it's Clarke Quay. Great place to spend an evening. The shopping is all done on Orchard Road. Shops absolutely everywhere. Need more than a day to get through them all. Always something to see there.

        Not sure who you're going with but a high tea at the Raffles Hotel is a great experience. You need to book in advance. I think you can do it online.

        Also check out the new casino inside Marina Bay Sands. It's the big arse building that looks like it's got a ship sitting on top of it. You can't miss it. Make sure you take your passport otherwise you'll be up for $100 just to get in. Locals have to pay that to get in but if you're a tourist and have a passport it's free. There's also shops inside that Marina Bay Sands place and the Sky Bar at the very top of the building is ridiculous. Put that on your list. There's a cover charge to get in there though.

        The taxis are very cheap so there's no problems getting around but the alcohol is farken expensive!

        Great place though. You'll love it.


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          Shop at 4 floors....

          Plenty for all.


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            Don't forget the Commonwealth War Memorial, I love the respect and the time they put in to keep it looking good. I found puplic transport easy and cheap. Street crime is almost unseen or heard of, just don't litter or break the law. I have been twice now, found the shopping not much different to our markets here for pricing, electronics were about on par with oz. Food and non alcholic drink r cheap, just avoid street stalls, cause sometimes not tasty and hygine is a bit lax.
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              I stayed at excelsior peninsular a couple of months ago was great, went online to and found it at $100 a night. It's central and easy to get too bout 3 min walk from the mrt.

              Def go what people said the zoo n night safari, sentosa, universal, marina bay, the wheel....Plenty to do ! If the weather is good chill out at Cafe Del Mar on Sentosa.

              Dont forget the motorbike shops too ! There's a thread on here that recommends the main ones...I went to Chong Aik & Hodaka Motorsport cos I was looking for RS Taichi and Sidis.


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                Santosa the light /water show is good
                Orchad towers / 4 floors is a hoot, the 4th floor is interesting but i dont recomend the takeaway
                Peoples place over the road from china town is good, very good food.
                Gaylang is worth a look
                Clark quey boat quey are ok, clark quey is pricy though.
                The bird sanchery is well done, the skieing is fun(snow)
                Asian veiw , its a pub / night club on the 71st 72nd floor , up untill 8pm the beers worth the veiw, the sunsets from up there are very nice, after 8 the price goes up so i would head down to the peoples place and grab a feed or the outher place is near the church (name aludes me ) -- its the brazilian cavery.
                Most cabbies know the place as only locals can drive cabs,
                A cab will cost to cross the whole island 25 sing
                most faires arround the city are 5 to 7 dollers
                Cim lim towers , yoyu will spend mony there
                and -- ah boy for bike gear .
                the police are nice there , do not get on there wrong side.
                little india for a great curry
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                  Originally posted by jules_1972 View Post
                  Shop at 4 floors....

                  Plenty for all.
                  4 floors is awesome - and Geylang is fun to walk through too.
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                    Where are the bike shops located? I remember talking to someone at Causeway about them. My cousin in Singapore says you can get a tailor made leathers for around $1k AUD.

                    Does anyone know whats happened in Geylang? One of my friends says there was a murder a while ago and it got shutdown temporarily. Was interested in taking my gf there cause shes never seen it (Plus theres frog legs around the corner!)


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                      I went for a stroll through there last december - and provided you can dodge (if you want to) all the people calling you over to them, it seemed fine. Certainly compared to Northbridge or Kings cross its not in the same 'danger' league.

                      My favourite conversation went like this:

                      Dodgy man "You want girl?"
                      Me "No thanks, I'm fine"
                      Dodgy man "I got cheap girl"
                      Me "No thank you"
                      Dodgy man "How much you want to spend? I got really cheap girls"
                      Me "No, its fine. Thank you"

                      Clearly it looked like 'cheap girls' were the thing for me...
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                        Definitely do Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park.

                        Kranji War Cemetary as well.

                        Clark Quay has lots of cool places to eat out and bars etc.

                        Check out the new casino.

                        Go to the New Asia Bar - a bar on the 72nd(?) floor of an office tower. Really awesome view from there. And they do yard glasses!

                        Also, Newton Circus for the ultimate eating extravaganza!

                        Do the open bus tour of the city, you can hop on and hop off at certain places. It's worth getting off in Little India and going for a wander simply for the sights and sounds and the smells coming from spice shops there.


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                          Definately do the night zoo, and definately walk the trails. We enjoyed that the most.
                          And walk through the bat enclosure, it'll freak you out


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                            Motorcycle bling shopping, as told by TurboR1;
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                              for ultimate chillaxing, laze around in Marina Bay Sands infinity pool