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  • Help picking a telescope

    Hey guys,

    I've always had a fasination for what's out in the universe and would love to see more of it through a telescope but I don't know what to look for (as in size, lenses etc) . So I was hoping someone here has the same hobby that could help. I'm not sure on my budget I don't want to spend huge bucks straight up but don't want a budget one that can't see much past the moon...

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    We bought one from Australian Geographic for our Son for Xmas. Works well, not going to see grains of moon dust but it does the trick. Under $200 I think.
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      Have a look here.
      telescope stuff

      Also whatever you do don't get a equatorial mount there annoying to setup.

      My mum has an 8" reflector that was about 8k a few years ago but has full computer setup and it can track stars and has auto-goto function. Can see the bands on Jupiter quite easily.