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using a Mac to vpn to Windows server

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  • using a Mac to vpn to Windows server

    ok another one for the Mac people

    I've got a Windows Small Business Server at the office.
    I've got a Macbook Pro at home.

    I've got a vpn connection from my macbook to the work server all set up.

    2 questions;

    1) How can I connect to one of the network drives on the server? If I was using a Win lappy, i'd simply map the network drive once the vpn is established - so what do I do on the mac to achieve the same result?

    2) i can't get Outlook 2011 Mac to connect to my exchange account at the office. Any special settings needed?

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    I've got this set up at home, can't remember how to do it, but this article is pretty much what you need: How to mount a Windows shared folder on your Mac
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      I will suggest you to contact your mac vpn provider they wil probably tell you setting which need to configure in your computer. Don’t worry it will take only half an hour to configure your internet setting, they will give you guidelines about it.


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        Finder --> Go To --> Connect to Server --> smb://[server address here]
        It will ask you what/who to log on as, then select the folder you'd like to mount.
        (Do not forget the "smb://" -- pissed me right off & wasted my time til I figured this bit out!)

        Your VPN is established whilst attempting to connect to Exchange, right?
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