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Upgrading a Laptop HDD

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  • Upgrading a Laptop HDD

    I bought a larger compatible HDD for my laptop on ebay. Now I just need to know how to get my existing data and windows xp pro on to the new drive without loosing it. I have searched on google but not getting good clear easy to follow info.
    I am not sure of the best way to start whether to back everthing up on cd's or use a external usb dongle as suggested by the seller of the drive. There is no recovery disks for this laptop as that is stored in a section of the HDD thats coming out.

    Any info or help much appreciated.

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    notorns ghost, a normal PC and Notebook HDD to IDE connectors.


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      There's some advice on this very question in todays computer tech section of the West Australian


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        Havent done it for some time but would take the HDD out of your laptop and stick it in a usb 2 caddy (around $19 from

        Use imaging software on another pc to back it up, Ghost would be great but any you can get your hands on.

        Switch the disk for the new blank one and restore the image...hopefully the imaging software will allow you to expand the partition to make a bigger c drive rather than a c and a d.

        Stick the new drive back into the laptop.

        If it works, great, if not at least you have your old one to go back to until sorted.

        If it does work then stick your old disk in the usb caddy and you have a portable backup device....