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make my pc be a synthesizer?

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  • make my pc be a synthesizer?

    my mrs wants a electronic keyboard to play around on and make tunes,
    there must be a program to play stuff on pc keyboard...
    cant think where to look

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    fruityloops is a fun little music making program


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      If you want free stuff, I used a program called Computer Muzys, which comes on cover CD of Computer Music magazine. Most music production packages use "soft synths" which are software based synthesisers (and samplers). There are two varieties of soft synth - VSTi and DX and there's loads in each. Whatever software you end up using wil take one or the other. Fruityloops is good and does include a stack of soft synths already. It costs a few hundred dollars (I think) but you might be able to get a demo or a cracked one off P2P.

      If you want to do music electronically, there's usually a beginners edition of Computer Music magazine at the news agent which goes through the basics of computerized music production.

      Computer Muzys is limited to five soft synths but you can use unlimited sample tracks. It's a good thing to start off with and see if you like computer music production enough to spend hundreds of dollars on later on


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        i managed to get latest fruity loops and cool edit pro 2 both with cracks of limewire


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          Your sound card will have a General MIDI synth built in - either hardware or software based. If you have a SoundBlaster card then you will have both.

          A USB MIDI keyboard will cost you about $200 or less; a SoundBlaster LIVE value (which you can load SoundFonts into) will cost around $50. All up around $250 - usually the sound card will come with some MIDI sequencing software.
          I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this: