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  • MAD - Internet Room for Shents

    Hi all..

    Just a quick note to say a lot of the groundwork has been done for getting this computer room rolling.
    We have more than half of the equipment required, but now we need some bodies to assist in getting it all set up and running.

    I am posting this thread as an expression of interest for people who can help in any way with this project. (there are a number of PSBers already involved, but any more help would be appreciated as everyone has different skills and difference schedules that allow time to help.)

    I am hoping we can have a relatively short meeting of people who are interested to let everyone know where we are at, what still needs doing and get volunteers to take on the jobs that are still outstanding.

    Can people please post below if they are able to help and when they would be available for a short gathering. (I'll try to keep it to a 1/2 hour / 45 minute meeting to explain the core stuff and assign major jobs... people can discuss the finer details afterwards if they have time to stay)

    Thanks all,

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    As mentioned in the other thread, I can help transport the PC's - but that isn't till after the new year...

    Can't really help with much else sorry.
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      I would certainly like to help out with this. I can be available to build and setup computers whenever you need the people. Modification/fabrication of hardware and accessibility programming for imparied users might be useful too.


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        I'm no good with computers but if you need a hand with any Building/handyman/painting work let me know. A lick of paint would brighten the room up for the guys/girls using it I'm very busy but with enough notice I can get down there.


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          while im in town i'll pitch in got a ute to if any gear needs moving
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            I already offered my services, but I'll do it again.

            A+, HDA, MCP cert'd. Can build/configure/troubleshoot/support. Gimme a date and a time, baby.

            P.S. (I'm on holidays atm, free time galore)


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              Hit me up when you're back in Perth xphread, plenty of network experience, windows, linux you name it.


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                I'm an ex-computer fixit guy, and willing to help out. I'm free Mon, Wed and Fri evenings, plus weekends.
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                  I'm no major techaminkle but I've done plenty of home networking and PC building in the past ... happy to help do whatever if it's a day between Boxing Day and New Year


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                    I might be able to swing some time early evening between Christmas and New Years, but whilst i can do the puter nerd thing im happy to leave it to the experts . Pick a meeting time and place (say dome northbridge ) and see who can make it.

                    Weve got access to the pcs almost whenever suits, my mate who works there can get us in anytime.

                    EDIT: How many trolley pcs do you want tim ?? (i was thinking 3-4? )


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                      i have a little bit of experience doing the handy stuff will give japaroo a hand let me know when the meet is.
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                        i would love to help out in any way I can.

                        If you have a meeting, I'll definately come to see if theres anything I can do

                        Darren Lomman

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                          I'm off work from the 29th Dec till the 8th Feb, I'm willing to help out if I can....
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                            Lemmi know time and place and if i can make it im more than happy to help, IT background for 6 years so i might be able to turn the PC on



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                              OK thanks guys for all the support.

                              Its not a huge amount thats needed, but with everyone helping a little bit, no-one will need to be inconvenienced much at all.

                              I propose the quick meet this friday evening... Keeping it to within an hour so people can still go out and do their social things afterwards.

                              So hows this Friday (23rd) sound at 7:00pm?
                              Dome Northbridge? (is that going to be too crowded?)

                              (open to other suggestions as I want to get as many people there as possible, without delaying it too much.)