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computer freeze..

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  • computer freeze..

    What is the go... i decide to upgrade itunes to the latest software... once dowloaded i try to install... latest itunes installed but during upgrade of quick time 7 it freezes...

    open up itunes and message comes up needs latest quicktime...
    tried deleting the whole software and installing the original from cd given with ipod... freezes again during quicktime..
    dowloaded quicktime by itself and does the same thing...

    is my computer blocking the installation..... what to do???

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    Im guessing youve rebooted several times?
    Reinstall windows for the easy fix, hehe.
    Sell your ipod and buy a proper mp3 player.


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      If you've got XP. Do a system restore to before you installed iTunes and QT. (WARNING Any other settings will be restored also)

      Try installing QT first. Then iTunes.


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        When you uninstalled quicktime did it uninstall cleanly (completely)?

        If not try uninstalling quicktime in safe mode.

        Then reboot into normal windows and attempt a reinstallation of Quicktime.

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          Use sharepod or similar software rather than iTunes. Then your player will be truly portable and no need to install software on anyones PC.

          Or buy an Iriver H3 series player.


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            Also, try disabling any anti-spyware/virus software before installing.
            Ive found that the Norton internet suite thingo I have tends to block and bugger up some software installations.
            The old safe mode that Mattis suggested is also a good option.