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  • Once was enough
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    • I've had a 100 series cruiser, Disco1, Hilux dual cab and now a Disco2a. And I'm seriously considering now going back to a dual cab, Amarok hopefully or a Ranger/Colorado mix.

      I have two kids under 4 so not a problem with kids seats in back and even to teenage years. Put a canopy on the tray, racks on roof, happy camping days!


      • would love a big dual cab but im a fan of the green oval and think that for the $ the defender lacks in the comfort dept we still have the 300tdi disco and a 97 v8 disco and an 04 TD5 mostly there is only 2 of us and the dog but realy think i need a unimog doka.
        [MENTION=6225]Rhino[/MENTION] i read your post again the other week had a good laugh with the wife wondering how you managed to fit all that in an astra.
        With Fozzy dont realy rate the Kluger bit like an outback sure it will get you further but not realy worth the $
        most of the dual cabs are ok bit of this and that and they become good tourers.

        Maybe a bit of a quiet camping weekend could be in order to show Rhino why we did what we did and why it works. i dont need an excuse to go bush but it helps.
        In a Land Rover your car is the crumple zone.


        • Pick up the new Patrol tomorrow and then the fun starts! Got it spec'd with lighforce lights, steel bar, dual battery system and normal ancillaries. Will spend this weekend wiring monitors and checking Anderson plugs etc match the trailer. Then it's off to find a spot to camp next week Can't wait to get back into this truck after having owned GU II Patrols, Hilux, Prados, Pajeros and most recently a Delica.


          • Think about how much time driving there vs the time off-road, and how far you expect to go in the bush-bashing department. I have taken my humble little Koleos places far more comfortably than my old lifted Hi -Lux camper. The limiting factor is more about ground-clearance and worrying about damage than sheer traction. You can achieve a lot with sensible wheel-placement and not pushing past the limitations of a vehicle off-road.

            I have to admit like [MENTION=5151]Brougham[/MENTION], the Amarok seems to finally balance road vs rough stuff with a tray.


            • Thanks for the input guys.
              I don't want to turn this into a car thread but it's a crucial part of getting to the good spots.

              I would like to go camping half a dozen times a year. That might even be pushing it.
              It'll probably only move on weekends as I catch the bus during the week. It'll be low kms.
              Doesn't have to be "bush" capable, but it's definitely gotta get me where a 2wd car won't.
              Even honeymoon pool which was accessible by car, had a NASTY corrugated road for kms that knocked fillings loose. That's just not acceptable.
              Obviously, space is important so I can get all my crap in it, without taking 2 hours to squeeze each cubic cm out of my boot space.

              No kids atm. Maybe one, one day.
              Otherwise it's just me and the Mrs.

              Budget is about 40.


              • A mate bought an Amarok recently and with the deals going at the moment, it's unbeatable value. Pretty much 0% interest and schedule servicing (don't quote me ). So if it must be a dual cab, new and with a good rep (overseas at least), this would be a good bet.


                • It's outside Rhinos budget but don't discount the new Ranger/BT50
                  I just got a new BT50 2wd as a company car (not allowed 4wd) and I'm seriously impressed with the new motor gearbox combination as well as the car itself
                  This thing pulls like a 12yo with his first copy of playboy, changes with the 6 speed auto are smooth, good ground clearance and great economy
                  I traded the last model ranger and there are HUGE differences, I went for the Mazda because Ford only offered the 3.2L diesel in the top of the range model. Mazda has it in most models and the middle of the range has vinyl floor which is great for cleaning.
                  It's better to be thought stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt

                  Pure speed in sixth gear on a 5,000 foot straightaway is one thing, but pure speed in third gear on a gravel-strewn, downhill, ess turn is quite another.
                  Hunter S. Thompson


                  • Ranger and BT50 are on my ugly list.

                    For 40k, it doesn't look like I'll be able to get what I want, so gonna have to hold out a bit longer and increase it to 50.
                    Probably go brand new Hilux SR5. If they release the new model any time soon, will be able to scoop one up a bit cheaper as well.

                    Here's my FB album for Kalbarri.
                    Very different world from Collie


                    The new sites were as expected, a car park. It's gonna take some time to get them 'liveable' and 'comfortable'.
                    Right now, it's suitable for caravans and campers, not tenting.


                    Lots of work to do

                    Dry, hot, no trees or grass, on dirt.
                    The established CP is nice. Just, not where we were out the back.
                    I'm kinda annoyed that they were charging full price, but I guess they can afford to.
                    It was a bit unpleasant but the weekend away was great anyway.

                    The established areas had a picnic table between sites, the back lot did not. They packed everyone in pretty tight.
                    So we had to keep clearing and moving our table to cook / eat / clean. For every meal.

                    The ablution block out the back is brand new to cater for the extra area. Very clean and tidy obviously.
                    Good facilities.

                    What we also discovered, is that we're good campsite campers, not so good at powered sites - We're still new
                    Did we even think of a powered 12/240 tent light? No
                    That said, it was probably the only thing missing.

                    Got up after lunch on Friday (took our time).
                    Saturday we got our lay of the land, went down to Chinaman's Point and took a quick spin around town. After lunch we took a trip out to The Loop gorge walk in Kalbarri NP to have a squiz at Nature's Window.
                    With more time, it would have been great to do the full walk. Maybe next time.
                    40 profile tyres and sport suspension is interesting on corrugated roads. Found that sitting on about 90 was good, which gave the ESP in the car a workout. Works pretty good!

                    Found this Fella on the way

                    Sunday we did a bit of the coast.
                    Checked out Island Rock, Natural Bridge, and Pot Alley (beautiful spot)

                    On the way back, we swung past The Pinnacles (Nambung National Park) for some 'penis' shots and Panorama shenanigans

                    The Mrs is in the panorama 3 times.
                    Get her in place, pan past her and wait while she runs around me into the next spot - rinse / repeat. It came out pretty good

                    Apart from getting a speeding fine on the way up (double demerits ) overtaking a caravan, it was a good weekend away.

                    My rant:
                    Policeman: "I know you were overtaking, so I'll be lenient. 20kms over the limit is just too much. Find a nice long, straight road, you'll get past"

                    I estimate that each overtaking maneuver took me about 5 seconds. The car's a turbo. Just punch it up and it's all over pretty quick. Doesn't need much space or a run up.
                    I'm guessing we passed about 20 cars on the trip up. 10 up to that point.
                    I therefor would have been 'speeding', for less than 4 minutes over about a 6.5 - 7 hour trip. On national highways. In the middle of nowhere. In completely safe manner, and conditions.

                    If he got me doing 130 all on my own for no good reason, I'm fine with it. Although the cruise control is set to 5 over the posted limit so not an issue.

                    Got my piss boiling.

                    Then the bitch in the passenger seat (of the cop car ), starts on me because I had my 'fog' lights on.
                    Yes, I know it's illegal. So I know I have nothing.
                    But just tell me to turn them off and use my headlights instead (they weren't both on). Don't get in my grille about how they blind drivers because they point up - which is counter to their function, and utter fucking bullshit.
                    Last edited by Rhino; 05-10-2012, 09:52 AM.


                    • you need to get a Valentine for country runs mine has saved us countless times doing the same thing well worth the investment.

                      The thorny devils are cool last one i saw was on the way into the gorges up there. was that red bluff caravan park it was all boarded up when we went past a few years ago.
                      still marvel at the game of tetras you play with all that gear and the poor little hatchback our 4WD struggles with what we take away.
                      In a Land Rover your car is the crumple zone.


                      • After that happened I was definitely mulling over a detector for the next couple of hours...
                        AL9 or whatever they are, or a Valentine.

                        Will hunt down the thread that went up about them. I think it's time.

                        The couple next to us were heading off for a walk as we were packing up.
                        The Fella says "I much rather stay and see how he's gonna fit all that back in"

                        Got the order down. It's easy.


                        • Lake Leschenaultia this W/E. Not very far out of town and good for the kids.

                          Changing a few things around that will mean hopefully I don't have to install the roof racks and cargo basket.

                          (smaller, more practical tent. Running two smaller eskies rather than 1 massive cold box)

                          Still gonna be TETRIS-central in the Lancer Wagon.
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                          • Haven't been out there yet but considering it.

                            Let me know what it's like.


                            • This will be number 4 for me so I can tell you now if you

                              It's the sort of place that you can just go for the day so there are generally a lot of ppl there between say 10am and 4pm. The camp facilities are good. Ablutions are satisfactory and there's a camp kitchen. Sites are gravel and hard to to put pegs into but it's all tents (no caravan park)

                              The Ranger (or whatever) who used to run it was a bit of a slack-arse and the place went to shit for a while but six months ago (or thereabouts) a new guy you took over and has lifted the standards. There are canoes for hire or you can BYO if have one. There's also a pontoon you can swim out to.
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                              • For [MENTION=6225]Rhino[/MENTION]
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