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    My Last trip

    So me and the missus managed to get time off at the same time so we decided to go on abit of a trip.

    This is roughly the route we took Ballajura WA to Ballajura WA - Google Maps There is a few little shortcuts and offshoots that we did that google maps dont recognise but thats the general route.

    First of all we teamed up with Brad in his Navara and Headed from Perth to Esperance.

    After an overnight stay at Craigs (CR place. We all geared up and met up with Brett and started to head towards Israelite Bay.

    Then we boxed on and got to the start of the track to be met with this.

    About 2m into the track

    Which turned out to be a common theme

    Several water crossings and about 180kms later we arrived at The old Telegraph station. They really knew how to build back in those days. Its still a very solid structure even without a roof. I must say I was very dissapointed with the rubbish and graffiti to the site.

    Then It was camp for the night

    Great spot to camp it was abit chilly but we kept warm with bit of Rekorderlig Warm Cider (for those that havent tried it. You Should) And a couple of Single Malts.

    Next morning we did abit of exploring around the area and came across Cookes Cottage still standing and in great condition despite being over 100 years old.

    We also found the old postmasters gravesite.

    It was then time to head back towards Esperance. I had a few dramas on this trip with the ranger refusing to boost. I did abit of investigating and fount it to be water in the wastegate diaphragm but we sorted it out and kept moving with no further dramas for the rest of the trip.

    On the way back we decided to head through Cape Le Grand and Wylie bay

    Up the big rock

    On the big rock

    Down the big rock

    So after Esperance it was time to head north.

    First we popped into Kalgoorlie. I used to live there and my wife had never seen it so She wanted abit of a look.

    Not alot to see there other than a big hole in the ground. We also did a couple of other small touristy things and topped up supplies.

    I decided to put in a big day and drive till I was sick of it. Made it to about 100kms south of Newman. Covering about 1250kms for the day

    Missus decided she needed to do yoga before starting out on the next days travels

    So it was off to Newman, Arriving about 830 we booked ourself on the BHP Mine site tour.

    It was about 1130 by the time we finished that so we did some driving around Newman and decided to hit the road again bound for Karijini National Park.

    After our stop enjoying the gorges and the swimming holes. The plan was to head to Mount Augustus but there had been quite alot of rain in the area and it was pretty hard going according to a couple of other travellers. Decided to play it safe and head for the coast Via Tom Price and Mount Nameless

    Mount Nameless was abit of fun to climb up and gives a great View of Tom Price which is probably abit of an oxy moron but again. If in the area you should take half an hour and do it..


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      So that Brings us to Exmouth. One of my favourite spots in WA. We Caravan parked it here as we were pretty keen on a hot shower.

      Me sulking that I forgot my fishing rod

      We did the drive across the Cape Range which was pretty slow going in places but the recent rains made it worth it for the wildflowers alone!

      From Exmouth it was off to Denham (Shark Bay)

      Quick Stop in Coral Bay

      That brings us to Denham. Caravan Park again here as they are pretty hot on Camping in the area.

      The colours here during sunset were sensational.

      Stopped in at Monkey Mia to meet the resident dolphins

      From here the plan was to Head to Murchison Offroad Adventures and then on to Wagoe. However I had abit of a problem with the cover on the roof top tent failing and with the rain around and the cover continually popping off. It made it hard to continue so we decided to head straight home.

      We did stop at a few little scenic spots on the way though and im glad we did as we were lucking to meet this little clan

      Over all it was a great trip with a little under 5500 kms travelled in 11 Days. I cant wait for my next trip and im glad to be doing it in a ranger. Aside from the little hiccup when she got abit wet she really was flawless and did everything I asked of it. Even when I put in the big day I didnt pull up sore or uncomfortable in anyway..


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        Awesome posts Fozzy.
        such comment
        many post


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          Oh that is fkg superb!

          This is a MINT setup! I love it.
          What is it?

          I have all kinds of envy.


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            Its called a roof top tent. Basically folds out to be about a queen size bed inside.

            Seen them mounted on all sorts of things the smallest being a toyota corolla!

            I like it. Takes less than 5 mins to setup all bedding stays in it. And takes about 10mins to packup. Had it in strong winds and pissing rain and stayed nice and dry.

            Only downside is if you want to stay somewhere for a few nights and are doing driving trips you need to pack it up..

            But like everything there is always a compromise when living away from home.


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              Originally posted by activeman View Post
              My rig...


              What gear have you got? Vstrom 650 with bellypan
              What gear is awesome? Girlfriend, Icebreaker, Ferrino lighttent, Jetboil, Mont sleeping bags
              What gear would you stay away from?
              Found a favourite spot you'd like to share? 2WD or 4WD accessible. Lots of places in the free camping book, this is Grimwade near Donnybrook
              Great 'lite' equipment Icebreaker
              What tips and tricks have you learned along the way? Less is more. Double sock when camping / hiking. Condiments are worthwhile if well packed.
              Sweet bike setup


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                Originally posted by Rhino View Post
                Srs? Deets man!
                I have the 70L budget eva cool, stays cold for a week in the shade. More expensive ones have better insulation but I'm not willing to spend $400+ on an eski.
                Many brands all about the same quality. Fibreglass are tougher and better insulated.

                Iceboxes & Coolers - BCF


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                  Originally posted by Rhino View Post
                  Srs? Deets man!

                  ^^^I knows. I'm working on it. But you can still get away without needing a fourby.
                  Mine is a Tropical Cooler, which is the fiberglass type.
                  This thing really holds the cold in well, and we abuse the crap out of it, and it stays strong as ever.
                  Bit pricier than the normal esky, but worth the money.
                  Most of the camping stores stock them, but this is there official sites.

                  Tropical Downunder Ice Boxes


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                    We have a camper trailer which we drag everywhere. Sets up to a queen bed upstairs and two separate areas for the kids (3) and a fully enclosed annex which kitchen etc. We take a 80l Waeco, 60l Icebox, 5 pushies 6 fishing rods. We also have 2x6kg LPG, 2xDiesel jerries, 60l water underneath and 4x10litre water as spares. We take a full recovery kit.

                    The only thing missing at the moment (and soon to get) is a decent solar setup. Currently our campers batteries keeps the fridge going for a weekend and that's about it. Running the car up to charge it isn't really economic but we have spent 2 weeks in the bush using cryogenic meat packs etc.

                    We have a property just north on a river that can go to if we want to get away but most times the kids prefer parks like the Big-4's due to the buddies they make etc.


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                      We have a camper trailer, but its an on-road one (we don't have a fourby) and doesn't take too kindly to badly corrugated roads. Later when we have the $$$ we're going to get an off road one and a fourby to go along with it so we can do some off road travelling and camping across the top end. It just has a standard Oztrail camper trailer tent on it which works great and you don't have to fart around with guy wires and tent pegs if you don't want to, which is a bonus when you've been on the road all day going from point to point and you just wanna setup and sleep.

                      Recently got rid of our 3 way gas fridge because it stopped working on 240V and currently trying to convince the Minister for Finance that we need a Bushman fridge to replace it. We have all the rest of the kit - keep your eyes open on the usual suspects (BCF, Anaconda, Ranger, Rays Outdoor) for their sales.


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                        Originally posted by D'Artagnan View Post

                        We have a property just north on a river that can go to if we want to get away but most times the kids prefer parks like the Big-4's due to the buddies they make etc.
                        The Big 4 at Ledge Point is awesome for kids. Has the playground at the front with the pool, and you can hire those cool pedal cars and trikes for the kids to roam about on. One of our favorite caravan parks.

                        What camper trailer you got?


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                          We do Ledge Point quite often, but then again we've been to most of the major ones around Oz. The best was the bigger Big-4 at Airlie Beach (there are two). The one south of Bustleton is nice too. We just got back from their a week or so ago.

                          We have an extended Offroad Camper from Outback Campers in Wangara. Best canvas at the time we bought it.


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                            Got a new 'van lat year as I was sick of pulling rocks , snakes , and ice cubes outa my ort after sleeping in a tent.

                            Nowdays technology and a huge market means that gear is much better. Many of the adventure rider forums rave that a top quality [read price], self inflating mattress is the go.

                            I have the Vee that goes in the back of the 'van so I will be back in the camping stores/shows for more gear in case of a few nights in the scrub again.

                            For good camping , go north of the parallel and find yourself a spot. Go somewhere out there or simply insane just to overload you senses.
                            Touristy spots are great and have all the amenities , but also drive down an unknown track and see where it leads you! Oh, and buy the best gear you can afford , that was a mistake I made in the beginning by buying shit

                            Most importantly , take a great mate or partner just to share the experience with you....
                            Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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                              Big 4s are wonderful places. Lots of clean toilets and showers. I could live there full time.


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                                My bag. Packs really small. Supposed to be good for cold. I forgot the brand name.