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  • Finally got us a new tent. Camping come at me
    Hope the photo works
    Born to ride forced to work


    • Another photo from Mt Barney Road

      Bluff Rock Tenterfield

      We have free camped two nights here at Bluff Rock and went in to town for the Anzac Parade. The Main Street was lined with people cheering for the Veterans


      • A visit to Tamworth Powerhouse Motor Cycle Museum. This is a private collection and the standard of the bikes is amazing. There are about fifty bikes displayed and another 100 waiting for extensions to be made to the museum. If anyone goes through Tamworth this is a must see.

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        • A drive up to Nundle and a huge group of Adventure Riders were riding in covered in dirt. They are on an organised ride and the joy and laughter from the riders something to see and show Mrs Lin why we ride.

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          • Anyone have any experience of Dirk Hartog Island?

            Thinking of heading there July next year, just wondering what to expect. Any idea of how long it'd take to tour the island comfortably? It's only 80km long, but I imagine most of it would be pretty slow going.



            • I looked at going up there a few years ago on my yearly fishing trip, ended up going to Quobba instead. I have no doubt about the fishing and would probably want a week there to explore as much as possible. What stopped us was the cost of the barge trip, which was going to be about $600 per car from memory, and the fact that at the time there was only one scheduled time per day for the barge transport which was 8 or 9am. We only had 6 days available so didn't want to lose another 1/2 day by travelling the night before to wait for the barge and that day is then spent travelling and setting up camp. Closest accom to the departure point is denham I think. Definitely still on the bucket list though.
              Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.

              "The feelings mutual so kindly fuck off"


              • Emerald Beach to Dorrigo today return.
                Cruising towards Nana Glen on a lovely twisty road a BMW caught up and passed us the Patrol outclassed. At Nana Glen the rider was sitting with a friend at the Idle In Cafe. We stoped and chatted with the rider ordering tea and scones. What a lovely motorcycle enthusiasts business this is with great food and motorcycle photos inside.


                • There‚Äôs is an easy way or dirt road over the mountains.

                  Stopping at Dorrigo Bakery another customer struck up conversation when I mentioned how we got here his eyebrows lifted in that are you crazy involuntary reaction. Turns out he owns nine bikes and uses the DR 650 for this run.

                  Going home the tar seal way and these roads are something special for bikes. Perhaps a bike rider designed them?

                  Another fantastic day


                  • We decided to stay longer at Emerald Beach. I see a Ducati ride passed my caravan each day. Last night I caught up with the 65 year old rider who has a Camper van and trailer for his bike. He goes riding in the mountains every day. Today he bought a surf board and has had his two first ever surfing lessons. It is great meeting adventurers like this.

                    We walked eighteen kilometers along the beach a couple of days ago and the beaches and scenery are stunning. Walking through groups of Roos and even a small snake on the headlands. Today we walked along the beaches North and out on a headland a 9 km walk. A family of dolphins joined us and entertained as with a final jump before departing.


                    • Two months on the road Tuesday. Would I change a thing NO!

                      A few pics of Nature at Red Rock clear water here. Then this guy must have the ultimate toy. Arrived in time to see it being assembled on the front lawn of a house. Then off for a flight to Brisbane.


                      • Byron Bay, well how good is this, when walking up to the Light house there were four pods of Dolphins below the cliff. Some surfing the waves and jumping out on exit. I had left the SLR camera home today and now wishing I had not.

                        Then we went for a ride on a restored train using solar power. Amazingly quiet and using new light weight solar panels.


                        • A short drive along Scenic Road Mullumbimby. A lovely drive with trees lining the road and corners of 15 kph advisory signs. Wet conditions so I took every corner wide and at careful speed. A white sedan with red P plates came racing around the corner front wheels under steering and coming onto our side of the road. We then turned around to head back. We came across a ute that had flown over a deep drain gone down a bank and through a barbed wire fence. Driver was not injured until the barbed wire got him.

                          A lady who stopped said a white sedan had nearly hit her head on and the ute had left the road to avoid a head on with this car.

                          The guys boss used a snatch strap to get the ute out? From descriptions we gave the owner he thinks they will find the driver of the car.

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                          • We are now near Australia Zoo.

                            My old riding mate from Bunbury is in Caboolture so I took Mrs Lin to meet him. Well Mrs Lin won't get on the back of my bike and My mate told her why he will never get on a bike ridden by me. Apparently despite memory loss from a bleed to the brain he still recalls clinging on for dear life as I wheel stood first second and third. Then he tells Mrs Lin I rarely had both wheels in contact with the ground at the same time. Either back wheel off or front off! Great what happens on the ride etc. We meet again for lunch tomorrow at the Glass a House Mountain. It is so good to catch up after around thirty yeas apart.

                            Right, well today we did the tourist drive in the Hinterland and the roads were something else. When the sign sais 12degree climb and no caravan or trucks it is called a clue as to what lies ahead. Would be great to ride here.

                            Glass House Mountains, tomorrow's destination.

                            Rain forest walk

                            It is now nine weeks since we left Perth and I am continually in awe of what this country has to offer. One minute you think it is like Scotland, then English country roads, New Zealand farming country back roads. I love this place!


                            • Originally posted by Graelin View Post
                              A visit to Tamworth Powerhouse Motor Cycle Museum. This is a private collection and the standard of the bikes is amazing. There are about fifty bikes displayed and another 100 waiting for extensions to be made to the museum. If anyone goes through Tamworth this is a must see.

                              Great pictures graelin I lived thirty miles from tamworth in 1972 a place called manilla its a pretty famous town tamworth.


                              • Update time.

                                We have just passed twelve weeks on the road. So much to see and do and we could spend longer if we had more time. We have stayed at Seventeen Seventy after a free camp near Bundaberg Woolam Reserve which was lovely. Then free camped five days Duaringa heading out to the Gem Fields.

                                A lovely little town where we had the Patrol serviced as ten thousand KM completed. Emerald was next and how good is it to camp with a real Aussie Ringer singing at the campfire happy hour. A bit of soldering needed on a connection for the solar panel. We then headed to Rubyvale where we had a go at fossicking coming away with some Sapphires. Moving on today and three hundred km later we are free camping at Balcaldine.

                                Fairbairn Dam

                                Interesting house Rubyvale. The last remaining miners common in QLD where cattle and horses graze on verges.

                                "On Any Thursday" Sapphire and seen later at Rubyvale Pub.

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