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  • DVD-R, DVD+R

    Can someone explain to me in terms that a mechanic could understand what the difference is between dvd-r and dvd+r dvd-rw and dvd+rw and any other combinations - and + there is. My problem is the dvd burner in pc takes dvd-r, not sure if it takes +r or not, cant find instruction book and i was thinking of buying a dvd recorder/video recorder combo and the one i looked at was dvd+r and dvd+rw, would this play dvd-r discs? why are there so many types, who is to blame, someones gonna pay i tell ya!!!

    Cheers for any help


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    (-) = betamax
    (+) = vhs

    Basically they are slightly different technologies. Some older burners only take (-) media.

    New burners will take both.

    CD or DVD-R = Media is recordable
    CD or DVD-RW = Media is re-writable (multiple use)
    Then you have these combinations in (+) and (-) alternatives.

    Clear as mud?


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      + does incremental burning, - does the whole image at once.

      Plus, Minus? Who cares? Get TDK's and you'll be right.


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        Go to Officejerks, or PLE computers etc, and buy a DVD+R disc...copy something onto it using your existing burner, then use that as a 'test' disk when you go back to Hardly Normal or Rick Fart or whatever...then you will know what you can and can't use. Clear as the Yarra on a good day?

        Originally posted by Viper
        I'm probably fucking something up.
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          Don't forget DVD-RAM, just to confuse people further.
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            google is your friend... DVD+R is effectively sony's version of DVD disc

            A DVD+R is a writable optical disc with 4.7 GB (4.38 Gi of storage capacity (interpreted as , actually 2295104 sectors of 2048 bytes each). The format was developed by a coalition of corporations, known as the DVD+RW Alliance, in mid 2002. Since the DVD+R format is a competing format to the DVD-R format, which is developed by the DVD Forum, it has not been approved by the DVD Forum, which claims that the DVD+R format is not an official DVD format.

            In October of 2003, it was demonstrated that double layer technology could be used with a DVD+R disc to nearly double the capacity to 8.5 GB per disc. Manufacturers have incorporated this technology into commercial devices since mid-2004 (see DVD+R DL).

            Unlike DVD+RW discs, DVD+R discs can only be written to once. Because of this, DVD+R discs are suited to applications such as nonvolatile data storage, audio, or video.

            The DVD+R format is divergent from the DVD-R format. Hybrid drives that can handle both, often labeled "DVD±RW", are very popular since there is not yet a single standard for recordable DVDs. There are a number of significant technical differences between the dash and plus formats, and although most consumers would not notice the difference, the plus format is considered by some to be better engineered.

            Like other plus media, it is possible to use bitsetting to increase the compatibility of DVD+R media.


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              It's about compaitablity.. If -R dont work/read use +R (vice versa)

              History From the start....
              + Format was supported Philips, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Ricoh, Yamaha.

              -R was supported Panasonic, Toshiba, Apple Computer, Hitachi, NEC, Pioneer, Samsung and Sharp.

              Most if not all today are multi-format

              That's It!, Nothing else (Just backing up what Steve said)

              You can pickup 16X Dual layer +/-R burner for about $50 (ebay)

              Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are coming out end of the year
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                Originally posted by Sean'o@Jan 20 2006, 03:49 PM
                Can someone explain to me in terms that a mechanic could understand
                Ya did well there reddog


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                  Originally posted by S2-Ahh@Jan 20 2006, 06:07 PM
                  Ya did well there reddog
                  Yeah...ol reddog sure knows how to cut 'n paste

                  Originally posted by Viper
                  I'm probably fucking something up.
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                    When I bought my DVD HD recorder about 12 or 18 months ago to replace a dead VCR, the most common format available was DVD- I think I remember seeing one brand that used + and Panasonic used DVD-RAM.

                    I think that these days, most DVD burners for PC's are compatible with both formats.

                    DVD-, DVD+ and DVD-RAM are all incompatible with each other.

                    If you are thinking of buying one of these toys, a DVD recorder with a HD is a lot more versatile. Still very easy to hook up to a VCR and copy VHS to DVD. Since buying this, I no longer have to watch the ads. I can watch a 1hr show in 45mins. That feature alone makes it worth the extra money (to me at least).


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                      Thanks guys, its all as clear as mud now! nah its all good, my burner does everything, was just looking at a machine to copy some old vids that the missus has to dvd. The one i was looking at is +r so if i just get a shitload of +r dvds i can use em in both. If i was smart i would work out how to use the capture card in the pc but sticking a vid in one side of a machine and a dvd in the other and hitting record sounds like the better option to me


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                        Just remember that the -R's are more compatible. I use them all the time and have not had a problem especially with the TDK media. +R's have given us a few problems on some DVD players. If you are looking at a recorder for the PC make sure it's a Pioneer.