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  • video file question

    hi ive got several videos (non copyright), the problem is when playing them after about 5 mins the audio is out of sync with the video, if you stop the video then restart and jump to any point in the video its in sync with the audio for about 5 mins again.

    ive tried playing the video with several pieces of software (realplayer, windows media player, powerdvd 5 and quicktime) but i still get the same result.

    running on a amd2800+ with 1024mb ram and gforce 256mb video card. sound blaster 24bit card (5.1)

    movie's are avi format (divx) audio format is mpeg layer-3 at 112kbps

    any ideas anyone? as it is really annoying
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    you can try this...

    I have a similar issue with movies I re-encode for my phone. They'll be in sync and gradually drift out of sync again.

    I have heard that it may be an issue with a clock in the PC, and I remember seeing a utility on a home theatre PC site that would remedy this, but it was a LONG time ago.
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      Have you installed any unusual audio/video codecs lately?
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        regarding codecs, possibly im trying tons of different software to see what handles video files the best.

        went into msconfig and turned off alot of things that startup at startup (tons of things there so me thinks i better clean the computer up)

        another question then how do you find out what codecs are installed? and how would you uninstall them?

        again thanks
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          Oooh, crap.

          Remember that "codec hell" I mentioned in a different topic?


          If you're playing around with codecs, there are a few essential apps in my opinion:

          Graphedit (allows you to play around with codec "graphs" and see what works and what doesn't)

          G Spot (tells you what codecs are used by a particular media file and whether you have those installed)

          A codec browser like Sherlock. There's another one I use (name escapes me at the moment - I'll edit later) that you can use to change the priority of certain codecs as well, so they'll be more likely chosen with a certain type of audio/video file. With these you can see what codecs you have installed, whether they're broken or not.

          EDIT: Found it. It's called Filter Manager made by Radlight.

          To uninstall a codec, you generally only need to unregister the library associated with the codec (usually a .DLL or .AX file)

          all of these are free and should be attainable fom Google or

          Good luck.
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          (626): I'm trying this new thing, it's called standards


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            thanks shrike, me thinks i better have a fiddle as it is definately just the computer playing its that is the problem because when i burn it to dvd its fine.
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