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where to get cheap psu

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  • where to get cheap psu

    as per the topic, where would be the cheapest place to get a 450w atx power supply, the one in my computer decided to make loud cracking noises and upon pulling it apart one of the resistors in it is all black. though the itself seems all good, thankfully as it is my game/video machine.

    thanks in advance peoples
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    Pretty much any store will be fine.

    If you are only running the machine with one optical and one hard drive, don't bother spending big on huge name brand power supplies, unless you are looking for something different (Something to power peltiers, something in the silent / fanless range).

    I picked up a 450W p/s for mum's machine the other day from Austin, for about 45 bucks, has a 120mm fan in the inside face of the power supply, so its VERY quiet anyway, has 2 SATA ports, ATX12v, 24 pin ATX plug with the extra 4 pins removeable for the older 20 pin motherboards, and all the usual guff. Cant remember the brand, they had it as their generic supply, but works a dream on a P4 system that has a dvd burner and 3 hard drives, with no real voltage drop on any of the lines (All were still fully in spec).

    The only time I would recommend going for the $100+ power supplies is when you are going for bling, have a need for higher power ratings for things like peltiers etc, or need the silent or fanless models.

    The generics will hold a machine fine for most standard uses, ignore the salesmen who rekon you HAVE to have a massive $100+ name brand power supply.
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      I'd recommend getting a decent quality one. I did the warranties for one of the major computer stores for about a year... you don't want a cheap piece of shit.
      If anything get a lower rated but higher quality supply. The cheap 450W supplies are really more like 200W anyway.
      I believe an independant group did some testing and found almost all PSUs overrated on wattage but the cheap ones much worse than better quality ones.
      I'd recommend a Coolermaster or Antec, steer clear of generics or brands like Ritmo.
      Having said that, Auriga PSUs are fairly cheap but fairly good.


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        thanks people, ended up going to austin computers in rockingham and got a dual fan 500w jobbie for less than 100 (just less though) does the job quite nicely and also helps in the cooling department as well (draws air from the case out)
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          I got my computer from austin
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            This is mine - Enermax is cool.