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    Can someone tell me how I tell what speed I am connected at. I have ADSL 512MB and usually download at around 50k/sec.

    I am changing to iiNet ADSL2+ and would like to know how to check the connection speed so I can compare, and also so I know what speed I am getting from my ADSL2 (when I finally get it).

    Someone said something about a FTP site, but it went right over my head.

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      yeah, that's about right.

      A 512k connection is not actually 512 kilobytes. It's 512 kiloBITS. 8 bits in a byte, so your real theoretical download speed is 64 kilobytes per second or 3.75Mb per minute (1024kb in a mb).

      You won't get 64kb/s because of overheads, packet loss, line quality, etc etc, and usually 50kb/s+ is considered a "good" connection on 512.
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        System up Time: 59:48:11
        CPU Load: 3.51%

        WAN Port Statistics:
        Link Status: Up
        Upstream Speed: 480 kbps
        Downstream Speed: 4768 kbps

        This is what I'm curently getting with my Billion router. I check it thru the Billion site. I have had over 5000 download speed.
        The router is an older one only capable of 8000 kbps max.
        I'm with iinet. The faster option actually slowed down my connection! I had to alter it thru the site toolbox.
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          Use the above file to test download speed, dont use an international site as your speed will vary everytime as there are other factors that come into play.
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            i use DU meter its simple and easy to see whats going on whenever you need to.

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              couple of easy ways lester

              1) your modem may tell you in the statistics part of the web-based interface

              2) some tests that others have already suggested

              3) download something Preferably from a "fast" source like the iinet site. Someone has already tried to explain this to you ("something about ftp").

              to save you installing some other programs, iinet have mirrored their FTP site through the website. Click here to view the iinet ftp site in your browser.

              click on the link and download something, like say the "adsl test" files. Then simply note how fast you download it

              if you need further instructions on installing a proper FTP client and how to use it, let us know