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    Ok, so was checkin out the shops around my current place of employment.

    Wandered into ULTIMATE GAMES Midland 7/ 245 Great Eastern Hwy 6056, checked the store out then on the way out the door noticed "Try Project Gotham Racing here".

    It was an xBox 360 demo console, working, with the NEW PGR to play!

    First Impressions: The 360 is lookin awesome and PGR is a great game to play.
    Cut about 20 laps on various tracks and cars (was late back from lunch ). Control inputs are good, Cars behave realistically ( I want an atom too now Deej ) Graphics work really well too.

    Oh and I was using it for 25mins + with NO BSOD!

    It might finally convince me to "Converge" and actually buy a console.

    If your in the area get in there and try it, you wont be disappointed.

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    Did they tell you the price of these things? Won't they be $600 or so, which is way way too much for any console, in my opinion.
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      wait a year, for the prices to drop, the packages to get better and the mods to come out...


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        ^^^So, you can post again!^^^

        The graphics look fantastic on the XBox 360

        I did a post a while agao comparing the original XBox with the new one - some really nice modelling in the graphics.
        I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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          Didnt even notice

          Edit: actually I can only post in "fast reply"


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            I'm waiting for Halo 3, Splinter Cell 4, Oblivion, M$ to fix the over heating issue and modchip to be released then ill buy one

            The Premium Pack will be more expensive then the core version, but without the hard drive in the premium pack you cant play original xbox games. You could buy the core version then the external hard drive separately but that way is more expensive.
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              Not to mention, that the cost of the console also includes the fact that it can be a media centre extender, so you can use your MCE machine inthe computer room, and network the two to extend the functionality onto the TV.

              Means you don't have to have a media box out on the TV, the Xbox can do it for you.

              Almost worth it for the price really.
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                I heard the Xbox 360 will be relitavely cheap (less than $400) but the PS3 will be a LOT better but cost $1000+ which is too much unless your a really serious gamer.
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                  Harvey Norman are advertising them for $649 and they wont release them until March 16

                  They can keep it for that price


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                    Let us not forget the one thing about the 360, its made to play on HD-TV (720dpi?) and look its best, yet 99% of australians do not have them yet. As for the he said / she said thing about xbox360 vs ps3, in the scheme of things both will do well, PS2 came out 1st with shitty graphics and took a dominant market share, i think thats why the 360 was pushed out so quickly, try to grab the next gen console market. Personally i thought the games on the ps2 were let down by how crap the system was in comparison to xbox/gc. The new one might bring me back (doubtful). On the other hand apparantly nintendo are going to make the revolution available CHEAP and we all know how much everyone needs to play the next zelda, mario, mario kart, bond.


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                      Let us not forget the one thing about the 360, its made to play on HD-TV (720dpi?) [/b]
                      Not 'dpi' which is dots per inch...

                      HDTV = 1080i or 720p

                      So that's either 1080 lines of interlaced info or 720 lines of progressive:

                      1920 x 1080 pixels interlaced | 1280 x 720 pixels progressive.

                      You will find many HDTVs will resolve the 720p which is good even though Australian DTV does not transmit 720p! So if you have a decent HD CRT, plasma or rear projection (and not the VGA 'HD' plasmas that are available 'cheaply&#39 then the XBox360 might be one of the few devices that you will be able to see the TV display at its full potential.
                      I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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                        apparently aust tv only really has one station that transmits true HD signals

                        (also can someone tell me why "fast reply" is only avaliable on some threads


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                          X-Box 360 is going to be released Mar 26 I believe, hopefully Micro soft will be sending the Gen. II X-Box alll the same fun with out all the hassles of the Gen I X-box. Went and had a look at one at Harvey Norman today the graphics are GREAT !! Didn't play (missus wouldn't let me) so I cant vouch for how good game play is..... looks great though
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                            Xbox 360: codename Zephyr

                            Supposbly an update to the console won't just feature a new, cooler 65nm processor will also have a HDMI port for full digital 1080p and a 120GB drive.

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                              Still a rumour, not confirmed.
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