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  • GPS project

    hi, got project and i thought MAYBE someone can give me a hand,
    bacground info :
    2 trimble gps L1 receivers set apart with a known distance; one close to object which propagate multipath, other in clear area, get the data for round ~3 hrs, the results it's a vector between the 2 stations; getting the residuals between the results and known distance is what i'm after.
    trimble standard software is piece of shit, i need to use : BERNESE GPS SOFTWARE, if u heard of this, touched it, i wouldn't mind a few short lessons on it need to adjust for antenna phase centre as well. The software runs under unix box, and i can't find books for that software
    the whole idea is to use software that 2 gurus wrote for calculating multipath propagation, and comparing that to the original GPS results(after multipath extraction). Should be fun as it involves laser scanning of the whole area where the GPS stations were... hope i can manage it!
    thanks for any help

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    I'm not game to touch this one seeing I dont understand half the words used here.

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      Sounds like a uni thesis project...

      What's it for?


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        I'm not game to touch this one seeing I dont understand half the words used here.

        Dont worry, im lost too
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          um, yeh uni project, shit hoped someone tried something like that allready
          it's basically calculating/comparing the signal from satellite, how much it 'bounces' of things eg, trees concrete, in different weather conditions. 2 gurus wrote for the 1st time a program that can take 1 single path from satellite and predict the reflections / scatter, and i'm trying to prove it, that it works ...
          the laser scanner it, takes xxx ammount of distances/angles and plots it in 3D, so that the program can 'see' what's around the GPS and predict the signal bounce.
          All of this is for precise measurements, as small bounce of signal changes it's length thus bad info.
          Will post some laser scans, they're really look cool (will try to do one of a bike ! heheheheheh)