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    My Toshy tecra 2100 S1 keeps crashing. By crashing I mean the video card crashes and reverts the display back to 600*400, 16 colors. While this is l33t to play space invaders, it is wack to do anything else.

    Has anybody had any experience with laptop coolers such as this one?

    Has anyone else had a problem with over heating laptops? What did you do?


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    Most shops have a perspex 'health grille' for lack of a better description, which would be my preferred solution, though they do raise the lappy about an inch off the desk.

    For ~$35 delivered you can't really go too wrong with that one. The shop has been pretty good in the past.


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      Is a Tecra S1 a Pentium M or P4? I've got an IBM with PM processor and 64mb FireGL and it has been rock solid playing Americas Army and having the LCD and an external monitor (at 1400x1050 res). I don't think that cooler will do much at all. Are the cooling vents on the computer getting blocked or something? If it has a separate video card I would pull the laptop down and try another video card or check that all the fans are working properly.


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        go to bios, then check the overall temp, can u hear ur cooling fan? yeh, when u play games, g.card heats up etc, but when u have wrong drivers/generic heats up more, i had that with my desktop and a will it help with more ventilation? put it on a flat table, not on bed etc. The last thing get a program to watch the PC's temperature