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21 Tips on Keeping Your Shit Together During Depression

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  • Originally posted by Graelin View Post
    PTSD has been around again and was at psychologist last night.
    So sorry to hear that.
    Personally I have found some help and relief through Hypnosis...still need to work on things and there is no CURE as such but with the help of retraining my brain not to focus on the "interesting" thoughts, through mindful meditation, it has been a great help.

    Enjoy Europe and the reduced working week deserve it.
    All I've got and more for #294...RIP Chris Adley
    #158...RIP James Thompson

    Originally posted by Ryanoceros
    Wooohoo !! Fucking 10/10 ride. Cheers for that Aari, you really conditioned my sphincter


    • Just saw a WA police officer talking about her PTSD on TV. How she blamed herself for things that were not her fault and how she did her best. This is how it is. You think it’s all your fault that you should have done more. We did our best with what we had, basically nothing. We did not cause the incidents but somehow we became responsible in our minds.

      Anyway day one of my holiday. The hard to track down intermittent power loss started again. Manouvering a caravan on three lanes with complete power loss was fun.. Throttle position sensor diagnosed and will be here in one hour! Five hours later it arrived late due to a courier crashing and putting deliveries back. All fitted and all good

      So back in our drive way and attempt two tomorrow.


      • Been on and off anti-depressants the last few years.

        Currently wishing I was on them.

        Had an old wound opened up a bit under 2 hours ago, so happy birthday to me.


        • Dnd tonight will makes me feel better, I thought.

          Just been cancelled.

          3/5 games in my 2 weeks off have been cancelled. Fucks sake, its all I have.


          • ‘Well that has been a great break away from work and everything.

            We went to UK for significant birthday celebration for Linda and her twin sister. My Daughter Kate came down as well from her new place living in London. A great catch up.

            Then off to Cornwall and the Eden Project. A fantastic experience of Rain Forest and a South West WA area as well. We stayed in a Bell Tent at Youth Hostel with a pot belly fireplace.

            A visit to Beaulieu to the National Motoring Museum was a reward for my good behaviour during visits to Mrs Lin’s friends. We could not get accomodation around here as booked out so turned the hire car into a mobile home for the night. I am glad Mrs Lin does not have high demands lol.

            We headed off to Spain just after the Flood Disaster the Main Highway closed at our turn off. This disaster is huge. Our transport now push bikes and Kate flew down for our last weekend to see us before we headed home.

            Yesterday my first day in Perth we had to go to SCGH. My Mum had a bad fall last Sunday hitting her head with major blood loss. Unconscious for some time and about eight hours before found. Some issues to be faced now as diagnosed with dementia. She was discharged and we took her home.

            it has done us a lot of good just getting away.

            Recovery College For Mental Health Challenges. I spent time at this College. People with Mental Health Issues choose and design the courses with Peer workers. Amazing places and very successful.

            Some of the courses on offer. These Colleges have had funding allocated in WA so I hope to see them here next year.

            Mrs Lin negotiating flood debris on our beach ride

            walking in a forest and a Spitfire roars overhead