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  • Rehab training looking for suggestions

    Hi Healthy people.

    I'm looking for suggestions for trainers after being on the mend for a long time. Can be personal or group. Within say 10-15k's CBD. Looking for people with positive comments on PSB linked trainers. Don;t worry posting negatives. I'm not there or wil read. My past training has been a few years of karate last century in addition to years previously of fitness training. I am old but not totally unfit. Would do karate again if I'm capable. I'm certainly busted up a fair bit. Broken knees means not too much running but they are still fairly flexible. Other broken bits are not too bad. There are other issues which I'll follow through with med reports from my physio to the trainer.

    I am unfamiliar with crossfit, mua thai etc, just want something that is not extreme endurance or OTT contact, just something in training to keep me interested.
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    one word = Swimming!


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      My knees are stuffed too and I do a boxing fitness class in Cockburn Central. Good fun, and I've dropped a few kgs and gained a bit of muscle.
      Very cathartic as well.

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        Last time I got smashed I did rehab at Trench Fitness in Shenton park. They were good but it was boring. I like swimming and do a bit, but shoulder reconstruction makes freestyle difficult. I'm thinking gym once a week, some martial art once a week.
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          I have a good friend in Osborne Park. Pm me if you want more info.


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            I have played a lot of different sports (mostly fast paced) over the years and the one that made me feel it the most the next day was yoga.

            It works all the muscles in your body with no impact on the joints and keeps you very strong and flexible.

            Doing it for half an hour a day is relaxing and great for the mind.
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