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loading kml files to galileo or google maps on iphone

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  • loading kml files to galileo or google maps on iphone

    I have a few routes recorded or have been sent to me by mates, I want to load these routes (as kml files) onto my iphone to either Galileo or Google maps so I can redo the ride. But I cant seem to work it out I have tried emailing to my phone and I can load the kml file to the Galileo app if I connect to iTunes but I cant get the app on the phone to find or load the route.
    Alternatively is there a way to load a KML file to google maps?

    cheers Mike
    B19 Oakford V.B.F.S

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    Three different ways you can go about this.

    Google Earth: Create your routes into google maps on your computer and save to your google account. Download google earth mobile and access the maps from your account. I prefer Galileo as the tracking location for yourself in google earth is pretty average.

    Galileo Option 1: Email your self the KLM files as downloaded from your google account onto your computer, if you have Galileo installed when clicking on the file type it should give you the option to open in that application.

    Galileo Option 2: Download dropbox to your phone and computer, sync the klm files into your dropbox account then open with from dropbox on your phone


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      Oooih thanks for option 2, didn't think of that one, I use DB all the time, is Galileo only for iphone or is it Android as well?