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Streaming video in various web browsers

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  • Streaming video in various web browsers

    W have one of those wifi microscopes that sets itself up as a wifi hot spot. Once connected with an Iphone or Android and appropriate app installed, the image from the microscope appears on the screen and snapshots can be taken and so on. The Chinglish instructions also say that a browser can be set to load and the image will appear in the browser. Nice and easy for a laptop to project the image onto a screen. Trouble is it only works in Safari on a Mac and Firefox on a PC, except that the latter crashes after about one minute. Google Chrome does absolutely nothing and IE wants to down load a file and sits there endlessly downloading megabytes but not displaying anything.

    I emailed Mr Yiwen and he says "chrome and safair is recommanded to use. you'd better to use it in APP (andriod,and IOS)."

    Got any ideas, is there some add-on or something that Chrome and IE should have installed. I would have thought it pretty much like just streaming images form a webcam.

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    Try asking the lads at the xda forums


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      Can you post the source of the webpage so we can see what it's trying to use (JS, Flash etc)?


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        I'm at work right now so can't test, but I didn't think there would be an actual web page with a source, I thought it would be using some trick to capture the stream from the local network and stream it. Wierd how Safari and Firefox both do it but Chrome and IE won't.


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          It would still be an http stream of some sort i.e. a media stream wrapped in http. The same as security camera feeds via web browser.

          edit: like Network Camera NetworkCamera You can see the images is actually a stream of stills refreshed every x secs.
          edit 2: I have no idea where this is, just a random google search.
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