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broadband providers?

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  • broadband providers?

    Who're you with and are they any good?

    Just tried to set it up at the house and dear god..

    Was using vivid wireless but am sick of getting 1mb MAX download speeds, So I go to dodo. who take $118, $92, and $50 after setting up the wrong product.. TWICE.

    Then two days later call back and say there's no space on the exchange for another bb+ phone service :/

    So back to square one - any reccomendations? I've spent 2 hours on the phone to dodo

    Not sure fibre has reached our end yet so that's probably not an option yet. I want faster gaming/downloads/copiousamountsofpornorgraphy

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    iiNet. Been with them for years and always great. Bob lite just works.

    Best place to research broadband is Whirlpool:
    It didn't look that far on the map...


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      Yep, westnet(iinet) have been pretty good to me over the years, great back up, call centre in perth, and if they're busy they'll take your no. And call you back when its your turn. Even helped us when they didnt have to.
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        **edit: What suburb?
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          Whats the best naked DSL plan out there currently?
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            Ive been with TPG since when i moved here (just over 2 years ago)
            i just couldn't handle the costs of the others, tpg gives me unlimited broadband for a cheap price, and i got a simple 6 month contract also (none of this 12 month/24 month malarky)

            The only thing to watch out for is if you are moving home. Its cheaper to cancel your current contract and pay for a new one at the new place.

            The other option might be to look at the new service from iinet called jiva... unlimited internet for a set price... not sure how this works out, it was launched i think a couple of months ago...


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              start here.

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                iinet, 5 years customer, $69.95 a month, 250gb (I use 200-220~ per month).

                As I purchased house, went with the no-set up contract, so no install fee, but for the 4 previous years I was renting so I paid $99 per 'installation/connection' - can cancel monthly payment and internet at anytime with no surcharge.

                Highly recommend NAKED DSL if you don't use a home phone... it will save on the money your feeding telstra for something that isn't required.

                Good company overall, would connect again / 10
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                  we have Telstra ADSL2+

                  I figured its all there lines so they will be the fastest, meh so what I have to pay more?

                  this internet has been getting slower and slower day by day call by call I think they have swapped me over to a 56K line??

                  We swapped to a telstra Wifi, still slow, swapped back to find it faster then to slow again..... it is a joke!!! Im reduced to watching the same old porn from years back!!

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                    TPG here.

                    Phone support is utter shit. But the techs are reasonably flexible about matching your time to come out when required, the prices are very competitive, and they don't count uploads.
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                      + 1 for Westnet/iinet Naked DSL.


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                        Originally posted by RRossi View Post
                        we have Telstra ADSL2+

                        I figured its all there lines so they will be the fastest, meh so what I have to pay more?
                        Telstra are not a good ISP.

                        It'd be a bit like assuming the guys that lay tarmac for Main Roads are also good traffic controllers.
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                          Amnet here. Been with them for a few years now. Can't fault the service of the price.
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                            internode for me. Their support is pretty good. I signed up on their 150G naked special for $59.95. Pity my line is shit but thats telstra's fault not theirs.


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                              iiNet's ADSL1 turbo, its the fastest i can get in york With out burning down the exchange so they upgrade it.


                              This is faster than TPG's adsl2 that i had at my old house in nollamara

                              Pretty happy with it considering the circumstances.

                              The good thing is we are one of the very few people using the service on the york exchange so its never bogged down with traffic.

                              Its not cheap though.
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