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Group Policy Objects - Am I being fed a line?

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  • Group Policy Objects - Am I being fed a line?

    Whenever I ask for something to be pushed out via GPO (like date format), I get told something along the lines of:

    "We can, but you know GPOs are flaky.
    It might pick it up, it might not."

    Are GPOs flaky, or would it appear that our implementation of them is flaky?

    I would assume in my newbness, that if you set the object, it will apply the damned thing. Not 'might'.


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    GPO ? post office?
    yes they are getting a bit flaky these days
    National pride should not be a crime!.


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      GPO's - General Power Outlets in my language!

      Shit if it's a compay directive that something will happen, then it should!


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        I've always found group policy settings to propagate reliably. I'm not sure of their timeliness as for the most part I only get access to local policy.


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          group policy objects?

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            While not inherently flaky there are a number of mistakes that can be made in applying GPO settings; so I'd be inclined to lean towards your implementation being the issue. If your admin is familiar with Powershell there's some useful reporting that can be done on GPO's.


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              GPO can be flaky if the the set up is complex. The order they are applied means a setting can be overwritten by higher ordered policies. That's why there are tools to 'see' the policy as applied to different machines / users in different OU's. We used to use a tool which allowed 'offline' GPO application but for the life of me, I can't remember it. Been a long time away from Windows Admin stuff.

              Good luck.


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                And some settings can only be applied at machine or user level yeah?

                In this example, it would be best (if possible) to apply the region setting at machine level, yes?