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  • Kal-gore-lie

    Accepted an acting position in Kal which may end up being permanent ie. relocating... If that happens:

    Any PSB'ers currently/previously resided in Kal? Thoughts on the place? Pros/cons? Have never relocated out of Perth before, anything I should know? Hints/tips? Won't know anyone over there so general suggestions on how to handle relocating and setting up your life in a new place in general would also be appreciated because quite frankly I suspect I will get horribly homesick and have a complete meltdown, especially if I can't take my dog (am being provided housing so still waiting to hear back as to whether they will allow me to have him at the property)...

    Is it worth taking the bike over or would I be better off selling up and buying something else if/when I come back to Perth? I haven't ridden since I got back from Canada over a month ago anyway so it hasn't been hugely on my list of priorities and I'm a bit cash strapped so the money would come in handy, but if there's some decent riding (more scenery than twisties obv) over there then I'll probably keep it. I know once I get back on I'll actually enjoy it and feel like I missed it... And to that end, best way to get the bike over to Kal? Obvious answers... riding of course, but I also have to get the FJ over there and as I'm being flown over by work it's going to be a bit of a stretch to drive the FJ over (with the dog), leave dog in unfamiliar house alone, fly back to Perth, ride bike over etc all in a weekend. I could do it gradually but still a pain and a ~6-7 hour ride on the Daytona when already exhausted isn't my idea of fun. Other option, trailer... but the FJ doesn't have a towbar nor do I have a trailer nor have I ever towed anything in my life and I don't like my chances of getting the bike off the trailer at the other end by myself without injury to me or the bike... not really a huge drama, I'll find a way to get it over there if I do decide to take it with me but suggestions welcome.

    That aside, anything else I should know? I've been to Kal before but not for some time now, any must-do/must-see things? Did the super pit and mine tours etc many years ago which don't really interest me much but I'm sure there has to be shit to do that isn't mining related. I know of the general tourist attractions in and around Kal, so more interested in things that you won't find in a tourist book if anyone has anything to share.

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    I did something similar when I was younger, moved to Pannawonica at 21 with $600 in the bank and no car, ended up staying for 5yrs and look back on it now as one of the best times of my life and probably the best thing I ever did.
    Not sure if you are the sporty type or not Lady J but from memory Kal has a really good social sports scene. Heaps of touch, netball, basketball, indoor cricket all that sort of stuff. Get involved in that and you will rapidly meet heaps of new people. Would be really handy if you can take your pooch, for your mental health as well being another way to get out and about meeting people. If you do make sure where you are staying has plenty of shade and lots and lots of water. You are moving out there just as it starts to get really hot so that will be a big adjustment for both of you.
    Also, take advantage of weekends down to Esperance and that area, bit of a drive (4hrs) but you have the perfect vehicle for it and it is a break from the heat and being from coastal Perth you will find you miss the seabreeze and going to the beach. Shouldn't be too hard to find a group that does that sort of thing.
    Don't know about the riding side out there, I'm guessing there is heaps of off road riding but the dozen or so times I have driven out there and to all the mine sites nearby the roads are flat and straight.
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      I heard if you move to Kal you have to buy a Harley LOL

      Nice I hope it works out for you I did a similar thing but to Melb a couple of years ago but ended up making the position redundant (long story) but still would have done it knowing it would have gone that way..

      I didn't have a bike but did have a car that I wanted to keep and not leave at home ended up getting a mining company from Perth to Adelaide on a flat bed when they had room cost me $200.. maybe if your in no rush to get the FJ find a Mining/trucking company with a half empty bed..



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        Would the company be paying for your move? If so, you should be able to include your bike among your household effects
        and have it loaded on the truck with your furniture. T'would solve much.
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          Good luck...lived there for eight months and hated thing for me was the 'you are now leaving Kalgoorlie' sign on the way out. Having said that I was a stay at home dad with two small kids...never fitting in with the mums at play days...didnt help and it was back in 1986ish...probably a whole lot better now.
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            My sister in-law was a teacher there for a couple years, my brother went to WASM there for a couple years. Both of them loved it, mainly the community side of things, neither of them were heavily into sport but they developed over lapping social circles pretty easily through work/uni respectively.

            The thing about Kal is most of the people weren't born there so they know what its like to be new and they'll include you in stuff (so I've been told)

            I believe the main activity in Kal is drinking, and flipping the skimpies, usually at the same time.

            You will be asked if you're keen on being a skimpy at some point

            Feel free to PM if you'd like me to get some info from the bro of the inlaw


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              I lived in Kal for my final year at Eastern Goldfields SHS before working for WMC Kambalda Nickel and St Ives Gold. Loved Kal and still keep in touch with friends made there.

              If drinking isn't your thing, my mate Willow owns Inspired Life Health Club down on Lionel St and they tend to run a shedload of social stuff so could be another means of meeting new folk.

              Edit: I wouldn't bother with the bike TBH
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                Didn't think there was that much acting stuff in Kal. Theatre or TV?



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                  I lived there a long time ago when there was 1 set of traffic lights, we worked 5 days a week 7.5hr day and earned a good living working underground and had a great quality of life(the good old days !).

                  I think it when down hill after it got big and went open pit,
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                    Originally posted by Geeman View Post
                    Cheers mate, spent a lot of time up north so got no issues with the heat luckily but I will certainly be taking the opportunity to spend many weekends at Espy that's for sure! A few people have mentioned the sports scene which is good, hopefully the Kalgoorlians like their netball on the aggressive contact sport side...

                    Third time in a week or so that Pannawonica has come up, maybe it's a sign I'm meant to be moving there instead haha.

                    Never ridden off road in my life, not really something I've ever had an interest in doing but perhaps it's something I will take up if there's not much decent road riding there, food for thought.

                    Originally posted by DERPONT View Post
                    Cheers, that's a good idea but I need the FJ to escort the pooch maybe they can chuck the bike on the flat bed instead, though I think I'd rather it see a little more care and cushioning lol.

                    Originally posted by olrence View Post
                    Yeah I assume there's provisions for them paying for the move but to be honest I would probably just pack what I wanted to take in the FJ, the accommodation provided to me is fitted out with the staple furniture so I likely wouldn't even bother arranging a moving truck. I wouldn't have thought to include a bike in the household effects if I did though, so thanks for the heads up!

                    Originally posted by BusaSteve View Post
                    Well, here's hoping. Totally different circumstances though, I reckon although they do have some family events etc. it's not a particularly family/children oriented place IMO, not really that much for the kiddies to do.

                    Originally posted by GSXRossi View Post
                    Good to know it's easy to find a social life, if that's what you want. I don't really drink and I know as with any remote town that's always a big socialiser, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about fitting in due to that not being an activity I'll partake in! Hahaha... I don't think anyone would want me being a skimpy, though maybe the heat will melt some of these extra kilos off me...

                    Originally posted by DQ View Post
                    Someone else I know was telling me the other day they went to EGSHS as well, can't remember for the life of me who it was!

                    I've already been looking at gym options because that's definitely on my agenda, do you know if they do casual memberships? I'll check out the website again though I think I looked at it the other day.

                    Thanks for the comment on not bothering with the bike, good to get more of a definitive answer. I guess I'll wait and see what it's like when I get there, I've got til the end of the year to decide if/how to get the bike over there anyway, so I'll play it by ear.

                    Originally posted by Rorschach View Post
                    Porn, of course. Duh.

                    Originally posted by MADOGA View Post
                    Haha one set of traffic lights hey, I don't remember any traffic lights being there last time I was there (about.. hmm, 8 years ago) but my memory is pretty shit! Hopefully the quality of life is still better than average.
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                      Personally I wouldn’t take the bike to Kal, the roads are predominantly straight and in poor condition, with an abundance of roo’s beginning at the outskirts of town. However if you do decide to take the bike I could help you out as I’m DIDO from Perth at the moment and am well rehearsed in transporting bikes.

                      Kal is still Kal, similar to you the last time I was working in Kal was 8 years ago and very little has changed except the pubs kick you out a lot earlier


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                        Lived in kal for about 7 years (96-03).

                        I'ts pretty boring, but not bad enough to be super motivated to pack up and leave.

                        no commute BS to get to/from work
                        no traffic

                        expensive rent
                        nothing to do other than drink heavily
                        miles from anywhere

                        not much point having a bike there, it's all straight, flat and hot. and as above, traffic/distance to work isn't bad enough to really justify commuting on one...
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                          Originally posted by Catch #22 View Post
                          Kal is still Kal, similar to you the last time I was working in Kal was 8 years ago and very little has changed except the pubs kick you out a lot earlier
                          And the skimpy's wear stickers on their nipples

                          Originally posted by Aufitt
                          Try Para045, he definitely sounds all gooey in the fork for ya


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                            Not sure what business you are going for but kal misses having a beach. Sport clubs gyms and other things are all about, netball was huge back in the day. Left the place coz felt like I was the last local left.

                            What corners there are accumulate gravel and clay like mud. I learnt to ride a road bike like a dirt bike while there because I was slightly retarded. It's affected my riding to the present day. Being female will be good in some but not all ways. Life will be what you make it, might be just a good place to reset and get on with next bit of life.

                            Good luck.
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                              Tough times